Paint collection for 2008 Olympic Games venues

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Shandong South University, Shandong University of science and technology and scientific research institutes work closely together

coating collection for 2008 Olympic Games venues (Figure)

coating collection for 2008 Olympic Games venues (Figure)

June 22, 2006

bird's nest

Zhenbang won the bid in the competition for Beijing 2008 Olympic Bird's nest anticorrosive coating project, which requires a anticorrosive year limit of more than 25 years, and defeated the world's top coating brand represented by Nippon, It has won the world honor of "coating Olympic champion" for the national brand of Chinese coatings

Tianjin Olympic villa

differentiated coatings, Inc. (DCI American economy outshines others), a world-renowned architectural coating manufacturer, will provide high-quality coatings for the Tianjin Olympic villa project in China

at the 2008 Olympic Games in China, Tianjin will also become a venue for football, table tennis and gymnastics. The project covers a total area of 1million square meters

Qingdao International Sailing Center

it is reported that meitushi Qingdao laixinyuan recently won the bid in "the second bid section of the land area of the International Sailing Center of Qingdao Midea (source: Midea official) launched by Qingdao Midea for the 29th Olympic Games". This means that the basement and aboveground equipment rooms (including electrical rooms) of the Olympic Village, the equipment rooms on the second basement and other floors of the athlete's Center (including electrical rooms) will all use the interior wall paint of Metz Chemical Co., Ltd

the "leftover" is the king

Hefei Olympic Sports Center

in April, three trees successfully won the bid for the Hefei Olympic Sports Center project with the highest comprehensive score! This marks that the interior and exterior wall coating of the project, which covers an area of nearly 200000 square meters, will all use sankeshu architectural paint

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