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In the financial tsunami sweeping the world, many coating enterprises have unconsciously slowed down or stopped their progress, resulting in customer loss, a sharp decline in sales, and even a few coating enterprises that can't make ends meet. For these enterprises, the financial tsunami is a "danger". Affected by it, the business operation of enterprises is bleak and difficult. However, for other enterprises that are good at planning, have sharp eyes, and are smart and wise. The weight, travel, speed and other parameters of the slider are different. The financial tsunami is an "opportunity", and there are huge development opportunities behind the crisis. Therefore, they face the difficulties directly, forge ahead with determination, and move forward rapidly in the storm. Looking at the Tu market under the financial crisis, many of these enterprises have performed well -

metus invested heavily to launch the large-scale base and WanDian plan

some people say that Guangdong metus Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2009 is running forward. Following the high-profile announcement in 2008 that Jiang Wenli, a famous film star, was hired to speak for him and began to build a large paint production base in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, Metso in 2009 was even more generous: it signed a contract with the Chongzhou municipal government of Sichuan Province to invest a huge amount of money to build a local production base covering an area of 800 mu for the production of paint, furniture paint and energy-saving building materials. It is understood that after the production base is completed and put into operation, the annual output value will reach more than 2 billion yuan within five years, and it is expected to provide nearly 4000 jobs

the "ten thousand stores plan" of Metz, which was launched in early 2009, has also achieved great results. It is reported that since Ren Dezhong, general manager of metus business department, put forward the slogan of "ten thousand stores alliance, strong terminal", dealers around the country have responded to the call, in-depth rectification of the store, improve the brand image. Through half a year's efforts, the image of terminal stores in various regional markets of Metz has made a qualitative leap, and the speed of point distribution has advanced by leaps and bounds. The speed and quality of its opening have also amazed insiders. Taking Henan as an example, Metz now has 117 local distribution agents, more than 2000 county and town agents, and five direct franchised stores in Zhengzhou. Its marketing network is all over Henan Province, and its sales network is still expanding. It is reported that the supply of products of Metz is in short supply, and the three shift production line still cannot meet the needs of its dealers

zhanchenda production plant and channel expansion are the same.

on the occasion of the new year of 2009, Chen Bing, chairman of zhanchenda chemical, said that although the financial crisis may further deepen the impact of the domestic company's increasing investment in promoting innovation and improving production capacity, zhanchen people are full of confidence, because they are full of confidence in their own enterprises, policies and markets

indeed, Zhan Chenda, who is full of confidence, has not been much affected by the downturn economic situation, and its enterprises have made a lot of achievements. Qingdao Fuchen company and Chengdu zhanchen company have broken ground one after another. At present, Qingdao hot-rolled plates and cold-rolled tank bodies, tank covers, pull ring materials, and aluminum foil blanks have all been supplied in stable batches. Fuchen's civil engineering project has been completed and entered a quasi operational state. The construction of Chengdu zhanchen is also in full swing. During this period, Shenzhen zhanchenda Chemical Co., Ltd., Beijing zhanchen Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Fuchen Chemical Co., Ltd. all won many honors, such as Shanghai Fuchen waterborne wood coatings included in the national torch plan, solvent based antibacterial wood coatings included in the national key new product plan, and the enterprise won the Shanghai Science and technology small giant enterprise, etc

the performance of zhanchenda's brand classic paint is also extraordinary. By the end of 2008, the number of provincial offices and dealers of classic paint had exceeded 1000, and the action of "building thousands of stores" had been successfully realized. From January, 2009 to now, in addition to the honor of "China's famous trademark", classic paint has also made extremely frequent moves: first, it has invested a lot of money in CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV's strong programs to shout "the new generation is classic paint", and has often appeared in "girlfriend home magazine", "China paint news", as well as fashion, urban housewives, Yijia home, Ruili Women and other paper and online media; The second is to hold ordering meetings from time to time while attracting the oil workers. It is expected that the actual sales generated by the ordering meeting in the second half of this year will exceed 502. Significance: the elastic modulus can be regarded as an indicator of the difficulty of elastic deformation of materials

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