Packaging, transportation and traceability system

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The packaging, transportation and traceability system of agricultural products should adopt appropriate packaging methods to avoid damage and pollution of agricultural products during storage. Packaging materials should meet the corresponding health standards. It is forbidden to use fertilizer bags or pesticide bags to ship grain

those that should be packed or marked according to relevant regulations and standards can be sold only after being packed or marked. The name, place of origin, producer, production date, shelf life, product quality grade, main ingredients and other contents of the product shall be indicated on the package or mark in accordance with the provisions. This is also an important part of the traceability system for designing gender universal cushion retraction products in the sports and relaxation cushion series

smelling this kind of smell will only aggravate carsickness. If the quality of agricultural products meets the requirements of relevant national standards, producers can apply for the use of corresponding quality marks of agricultural products, and necessary measures should be taken within the exemption period. It is forbidden to falsely use the quality marks of agricultural products

during transportation, the transportation vehicle should be kept clean and hygienic, and the integrity of the package should be maintained. It should not be mixed with other toxic and harmful substances. Transport vehicles should have good performance of anti-seismic and ventilation

the necessity of food traceability system is that it can provide consumers with origin, production mode, producer name, address, etc., as well as the whole process of products from production to marketing. For planting products, the traceability system mainly includes two aspects: production process records and packaging marks

production process records include the usage, dosage, date of use and shutdown of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and irrigation water, as well as the date of product harvest

if the packaging mark record should be packaged or marked according to relevant regulations and standards, the name, origin, producer, production date, shelf life, product quality grade, main ingredients, etc. of the product should be marked on the packaging or mark according to regulations

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