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Market pattern of global high-performance composites in the next six years recently, marketsandmarkets consulting company released the "global high-performance composites market analysis report", analyzing the applications of carbon fiber composites, glass fiber composites and aramid composites in aviation, defense, automotive, pressure vessels, wind turbines, medical and other fields

the report points out that the global market value of high-performance composites in 2016 was US $23.5 billion, which is expected to continue to grow at an average annual compound growth rate of 6%, and the total market value will reach US $33.33 billion by 2022

the domestic large aircraft C919 adopts a variety of carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites

marketsandmarkets. It is predicted that when using this equipment in aerospace, high-performance composites should also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment parts and the growth rate of application in the field of national defense, which will exceed the growth rate of other application fields. High performance composites can effectively reduce resistance, and their radar observability is relatively low. They can withstand the high temperature and high pressure environment of high-speed flight. They are very suitable for aluminum processing enterprises. Their R & D and supporting capabilities are continuously enhanced in the production of aircraft parts

nowadays, the stable growth of global GDP and the continuous decline of crude oil prices, especially the rapid development of air transportation in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region, are conducive to the continuous growth of high-performance composites in aerospace and defense applications

marketsandmar from the analysis of failure probability. Kets also pointed out that although North America accounted for the largest share of the high-performance composite market in 2016, the high-performance composite market in the Asia Pacific region will continue to grow at the highest annual composite growth rate from, and China is the largest market for high-performance composite applications in the Asia Pacific region

China and India have promoted the application growth of high-performance composites due to the continuous increase of private enterprises' investment in automotive, aerospace and national defense fields

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