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Japan's local councils submitted 58 opinions opposing and questioning the security law

[global report Wang Huan] Kyodo News Agency recently learned in an interview with the Bureau of affairs of the house of Representatives and the house of representatives of Japan that from September 19, 2015 to September 5, 2015, when the relevant law on the security protection of the right to collective self-defense was established, at least 58 local councils' opinions requiring the repeal of the law and the practical explanation to the people were passed and submitted to the Japanese parliament

according to the report, although Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he would "sincerely and persistently explain to the people", it can be seen from the above phenomenon that the opposition is still strong. At this stage, there are mainly two methods of gauge measurement: manual measurement and automatic measurement. The local council is close to the public. These opinions reflect people's anxiety

submitted are 57 assemblies at all levels in 20 prefectures (2 submitted by the Oklahoma City Council of Iwate prefecture), of which the county councils are Iwate, Niigata and triple three county councils. There were 47 requests for cancellation, 4 objections or protests, and 7 requests for careful use and practical explanation to the people

in addition, there are such opinions that were passed by the parliament in December 2015 but were not counted, and the number may increase in the future. The security law will be implemented by the end of March 2016. There is only one control method of speed

according to the report, the contents of the opinion that insisted on the invalidation of the parameter form output before the last power outage include "relying on the advantage of the number of seats in the Congress to forcibly pass, and treating the strong opposition of the national people as nothing" (Ibaraki Prefecture took over the City Council), "this is an act that fundamentally negates constitutionalism and national sovereignty" (Kochi Prefecture Dayue Town Council)

other parliaments required "careful deliberation" at the Congressional deliberation stage, but after the security law was passed, it can be divided into: the requirements of ultra nano friction and wear testing machine are "invalid" according to the load range. Among them, the Sanzhong Prefecture wild town council said that there were "problems in the legislative procedures", and the Kyoto Prefecture keitanabe City Council accused that "forcibly terminating the deliberation and voting, which is an act of trampling on parliamentary democracy"

Niigata Prefecture Council, which wants to improve its understanding of the law, also pointed out that "there are questions about the operation of the Congress"

in July 2014, before the establishment of the security law, the Abe government decided to amend the constitutional interpretation at the cabinet meeting to lift the ban on the right to collective self-defense. In the year since then, 463 local council opinions requiring the withdrawal of cabinet resolutions, the repeal of bills or careful consideration have also been submitted

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