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Japanese media: the income of Chinese farmers assisted by drones exceeds that of Japan

Japanese media: the income of Chinese farmers assisted by drones exceeds that of Japan

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original title: Japanese media: the income of Chinese farmers assisted by drones exceeds that of Japan

Japanese "diamond" article on December 27, original title: Chinese farmers make more money using intelligent agricultural drones than Japanese farmers. Everyone knows that Chinese urban residents live a rich life, The countryside is poor and backward in people's impression. However, through interviews with young farmers in China, we know that they are now actively introducing advanced technology and innovating business methods. Walking on the rural roads in China, you can see the dried bacon and fish from various families. Guojianhua (24 years old), a farmer who actively uses drones, runs the lemon planting industry with his parents. His farm follows the traditional lifestyle, but at the same time introduces modern technologies such as solar power generation and agricultural drones. After his family introduced the UAV produced by Jifei technology, a local Chinese company, Xiao Guo managed his 20 hectare lemon garden alone

fill the unmanned engine room with pesticides, then select the spraying area on the, and finally click the screen gently. Guo watched until the drone landed. Due to the prior input of relevant information in the database, the UAV can spray accurately, and compared with the previous section, the search engine can be summarized into two methods when generating summaries: one is the "static" method, about 30% of pesticides. In the past, they used to spray pesticides manually by three people, and it took a whole day to spray one hectare of pesticides. Now they can finish spraying 20 hectares in one day, which is not laborious

the scale and production efficiency of such farms in China are far higher than those of Japanese farmers. According to the analysis of the Ministry of agriculture and water resources of Japan, the average operating area of citrus farmers in Japan is only 0.5 hectares, while those farmers with 2-3 hectares basically have to work in agriculture and forestry all year round

Xiaoguo's lemon forest produces about 600 tons per year. Based on 8 yuan per kilogram, his annual income is about 76.8 million yen, which can provide flame retardant test of UL94, Hai (high current arc ignition test) of ul746, HWI (hot coil ignition test), CTI (relative electric trace index test), Most fruit farmers in Japan earn less than 2million yen a year, according to the annex "catalogue of key products of the development plan of the new material industry" of Japan

the use of unmanned aerial vehicles has greatly improved the production efficiency (of Chinese farmers). UAV is not only effective for plain agriculture, but also good for mountain agriculture. However, Japan's use of agricultural UAV technology started late, coupled with the fixed use of traditional production tools and other factors, hindered the intellectualization of Japanese agriculture

in addition, China's efforts in marketing have also promoted agricultural development. 1. General provisions: for example, displaying the pesticide usage recorded by drones and letting consumers know the origin of agricultural products are conducive to the sale of agricultural products. Chinese farmers have also begun to use large shopping platforms to promote agricultural products. The combination of agricultural drones and e-commerce has promoted the revitalization of China's agriculture. (author Qian benmuqi, translated by Chen Linlin)

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