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Kubota company of Japan grabs the excavator market

Guide: Kubota, a world-renowned manufacturer of small excavators, recently announced the establishment of Kubota Jianji (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It is reported that Japan's Kubota company is one of the earliest manufacturers of small excavators in the world. It has a history of nearly 30 years. Since 1974, it has produced excavators 2

Kubota, a world-renowned manufacturer of small excavators, recently announced the establishment of Kubota Jianji (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

it is reported that Kubota company of Japan is one of the earliest manufacturers of small excavators in the world, with a history of nearly 30 years. It has produced 220000 excavators since 1974. In 2002, the sales volume of small excavators reached 11000, reaching the first in the world. It is one of the real leaders in the industry. Kubota entered the Chinese market earlier with agricultural equipment products, such as combine harvesters, which have a certain popularity among Chinese users. Kubota company introduced that as a professional manufacturer of 3.5t and 5T small excavation, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality, safety and good coordination, and has the unique technical advantages of the company

it is reported that Kubota is in China 56 The friction force of the force measuring piston in the oil cylinder increases or gets stuck. The price of the ton excavator is positioned at about 400000 yuan, which is higher than that of the main manufacturers of this product in the domestic market at present. The sales volume next year is planned to be between 250 and 260 units. It can be seen that the measurement of displacement with wire wound high-precision linear resistance converter is only a tentative intervention, and it is carried out through the trade of import and export companies. However, according to the internal news of Kubota company, it is also possible for the company to set up production enterprises in China. It is rumored that it will use the existing agricultural equipment enterprises to establish a production base in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The management of the company is very optimistic about the prospect of the Chinese market. Their analysis believes that China will have a rapid growth in small excavators in the next five years, and partially divide the large tonnage excavator market

it is noted that the first batch of agents selected by Kubota company to enter China this time are enterprises in Shanghai, Shandong and Jiangsu, all of which belong to East China, indicating that Kubota company attaches great importance to the business in East China. Judging from the actual situation, there are many key projects and construction projects in East China in recent years. The sales of construction machinery products in this region has shown a trend of continuous growth, and has become a large market attracting attention in the industry. Many enterprises report that the market prospect of high-end products such as excavators is very promising, and it is also one of the most intense markets for heroes from all walks of life. This is mainly because the economic advantages of the Yangtze River Delta have driven the increase of high-grade highways and other construction projects, such as the highway and urbanization construction in Nantong, Ningbo, Nanjing and other regions. In addition, the comprehensive economic strength of this region is strong, which will inevitably lead to the booming sales of construction machinery products, which are the product of social progress and development, and look more comfortable products. It is believed that Kubota company, as the world's leading small excavator enterprise, will definitely trigger a new round of market competition for this product

according to the analysis of industry experts, Kubota is almost the last small excavator manufacturer to appear in the Chinese market. In recent years, the world's top small excavators have appeared one after another, confirming the fact that the medium excavator market is widely favored. According to the relevant statements of the industry association, by the end of November 2003, 33000 excavators of various types had been sold in the Chinese market, including more than 3600 small excavators, which are expected to exceed 4000 by the end of the year. These figures show that China has become the largest excavator market at present. At the same time, due to the entry of many world top enterprises, this market also shows a trend of intensifying competition. Especially for some latecomers, the construction of marketing network has become a major difficulty that puzzles the operation and operation of enterprises. For foreign-funded enterprises in the construction machinery industry, it is particularly prominent and important, which may also be the development opportunity of domestic enterprises

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