The hottest Japanese machinery orders fell in Sept

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Japan's machinery orders fell in September and increased year on year

the Japanese government announced that Japan's machinery orders fell 1.9% month on month and increased 5.0% year on year in September

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comprehensive foreign news on November 11, the Japanese government released data on November 11, showing that Japan's core machinery orders fell 1.9% month on month in September

this data confirms the view widely held by the market that the Japanese economy is in a period of adjustment

moreover, the data is far weaker than market expectations. Previously, economists surveyed by Dow Jones newswires expected that Japan's Rhode Island recycling company now established a recycling point in September, and the core machinery orders will rise by 0.9% month on month

in addition, Japan's core machinery orders in September increased by 5.0% over September 2003. (Shihua financial news)

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