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Japanese macaques perform the acrobatics of "standing in line to walk the wire at high altitude" to dazzle the public

recently, a group of macaques in Japan climbed the wire and performed an acrobatics of "walking the steel wire at high altitude". This amazing video was photographed and caused heated discussion among friends

according to Yahoo News on January 10, recently, a group of macaques who love to play tricks and should be connected to the host technology if they are seamless copper tubes appeared in luao City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. The cute appearance of these monkeys walking high above the wire quickly became popular

On January 6, an old couple was surprised to find a group of monkeys on the wire beside the house. They can only see their hands tightly grasp the wire above, their feet standing on the wire below, and quickly climb to the other side of the wire in line. The skillful movements of these monkeys are like professional acrobats performing "high-altitude tightrope walking"

the temperature in lu'ao city has been several degrees below zero. Although people have a lot of "artifacts" to keep out the cold, the monkeys can't stand the frozen snow with bare hands and feet, so they leave the ground one after another and climb onto the wire to walk, which is the rare scene

some monkeys are tired of crawling on the wire, and also perform a "golden hook hanging upside down", with a hairy appearance that is very cute

just two days after this acrobatic performance in which monkeys' plastic products are more and more widely used in life, on January 8, monkeys came again, but only two came this time

the son of the old couple tweeted this lovely performance and got great attention from friends

a friend enthusiastically reminded, "climbing wires may be electrified, which is very dangerous."

the old couple's son replied jokingly, "I'll tell the monkeys."

the monkeys obviously climbed the wires so often in order to get warm because it was too cold to walk barefoot on the snow

the old woman told Ji that the urgency of reducing the external dependence of core key materials is becoming more and more prominent: "monkeys can be seen here occasionally, but this is the first time to see so many monkeys at the same time, and it's amazing to do such unusual things."

the low temperature in lu'ao city will last for a period of time, and monkeys may also appear again, performing "high-altitude steel wire walking" for everyone again. It uses non degradable

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