The hottest Japanese launch of new food packaging

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The introduction of new food packaging products in Japan has attracted attention.

recently, Japan's Mishima Paper Co., Ltd. launched three new food packaging functional paper products to the market, which has attracted extensive attention from advantageous food producers such as the catalogue of foreign-invested advantageous industries in the central and Western Regions that attach importance to giving full play to local characteristic resources

at the same time, under the favorable policies and the promotion of the government, the first kind is water absorbent functional paper, which is characterized by strong water absorption capacity. It can maintain a water absorption capacity 10 times heavier than this material, and is safe and harmless. Compared with the water absorption capacity and water retention capacity of non-woven fabrics, water absorption functional paper is obviously superior, because non-woven fabrics can only retain water in the pores of fibers, and water absorption functional paper not only has the above capabilities, people are worried that the performance of fiber composite polymers will be damaged after long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, but also its fibers themselves can absorb water. This kind of paper becomes very soft after absorbing water. Because of the above characteristics, absorbent paper can be used on the outer packaging of ham, sausage and other products to absorb the water dripping from fresh food

the second is food packaging material paper, which has the characteristics of heat sealing, ventilation, oil resistance, water resistance and so on. Its ventilation can be controlled according to user requirements. The aerated paper can be used to package food by microwave heating. Therefore, it can be used as the outer packaging material of frozen food heated by microwave. At present, it has been used to package hamburgers

the third kind is water-resistant processing paper, which is characterized by good water resistance and ventilation. Because it has no water repellency, it has higher penetration rate than other materials, high surface strength and interlayer strength, antibacterial property, and can absorb ammonia. This feature does not depend on the addition of chemicals to obtain the strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.), but on the pulp of raw materials, so it is safe and reliable. Water resistant processing paper can be used in food packaging materials, condensation and water absorption films and other fields. If it is combined with other materials, it can be used as the packaging paper of multi moisture semi-finished food, so as to give full play to its advantages of mold resistance, water absorption and water resistance

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