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Japanese machine tool manufacturers will expand production in Asia with Chinese Mainland as the center.

according to the "Japanese economy" station on May 7, Fuji company will start the one-stop production of lathes in Kunshan, China in the summer of 2019, and brother industrial company will increase the production capacity of Xi'an factory. According to the first "report on the development status and trends of green packaging in China's express delivery field" released by the state post office. Although the machine tool market continued to decelerate, the economic growth rate in Chinese Mainland improved at the beginning of 2019, and orders showed signs of bottoming out. Japanese machine tool manufacturers will respond to the recovery of demand, accelerate the shortening of delivery time and reduce costs

it is reported that Fuji will start the one-stop production of the main Lathe models in Kunshan factory. At present, it supplies goods to Kunshan from the Toyota factory located in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and is introducing robots for loading and unloading processed products to meet the needs of customers. Kunshan will increase staff and production lines, and strive to achieve a one-stop production of more than 100 units per year

Fuji has advantages in the field of lathes for processing automobile and construction machinery parts. In fiscal 2017, the operating revenue of its machine tool department was 13.7 billion yen (about 840 million yuan), of which Chinese Mainland accounted for about 10%. However, due to strong demand as of recently, undelivered orders increased. Strive to shorten the delivery time by half to about 5 months through one-stop production in the local area. Due to the narrow Kunshan factory, the construction of a new factory is under discussion

China is the growth market with the largest population in the world. We also intend to enter markets such as India. Ichiro Sasaki, President of brother industries, showed a posture of making money in Asia. The company's Xi'an plant will increase the production capacity of the processing center by 40%. The new warehouse is scheduled to be completed in the autumn of 2019, and the finished products stored in the production plant will be transferred to this warehouse. Equipment will be gradually increased in the production plant

according to the report, brother industries' products in the intelligent field are highly competitive. Although Apple's iPhone production reduction and other factors have led to sluggish demand, it will be prepared in advance to cope with the period when orders with fast running speed turn to increase. Strive to increase the Department's operating revenue by 50% in 2021, to reach 81billion yen

under the impact of the punch, the company will increase the production capacity of the Dalian plant by 30% to 100 units per year in 2019. The company's sales of automobile processing centers remain strong, and will increase equipment and space to enrich the types of models produced locally in Dalian

according to the report, the market situation of machine tools may maintain a breakthrough in the large-area preparation and coating bonding technology of biomimetic biological adhesion regulation and separation materials; The flexibility of smart materials, large-area preparation and biocompatibility technology; The joint design technology of adaptive controllable metamaterials with intelligent and bionic characteristics has declined, but in Chinese Mainland, government policies such as tax cuts and monetary easing since the autumn of 2018 have begun to show results. The trend of increasing production also extended to key enterprises

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