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Sany Heavy Energy Co., Ltd.: the whole package can be launched again. Yesterday, Sany broke its cocoon and became a butterfly. From the outside world, Sany's wind power business seems to have been quiet in recent years. With the China Wind Energy Association announcing the installed capacity and ranking of machine manufacturers at the "2015 China wind energy new year tea party", Sany wind power business has once again attracted wide attention of wind power colleagues because of its obvious upward momentum. In fact, from Sany electric to Sany Heavy energy, the importance of wind power business in the company has never decreased, but has accumulated continuously. After the internal experience summary and resource integration, Sany Heavy energy held the "Sany Heavy energy's first wind power media exchange meeting" at the end of the year of the horse, which showed to the industry that it had "reloaded" with its new team and strategy

first of all, in recent years, the world economy has entered a cyclical adjustment stage. Regardless of the cyclical adjustment of developing countries and emerging economies, the development of enterprises is bound to be affected. Secondly, due to the high concentration of wind power customers, private capital is not as active as the construction machinery industry. At the same time, the short-term and fast development mode of construction machinery is quite different from the long-term investment of wind power, and the capital recovery is slow. In addition, in the strategic deployment of Sany group, it has made greater efforts to expand and strengthen the main business segment of construction machinery and focused on the cultivation of wind power sector

these macro or micro reasons have made Sany electric difficult to give full play to the advantages of wind power manufacturing enterprises with full industry and heavy assets in its previous development, and failed to obtain favorable development opportunities. However, Sany has also realized that it needs to improve and adjust its flexibility, openness, operation and operation mode, so as to carry out a multi business and multi form investment mode, which can not only rely on the profit-making mode of equipment sales. In addition, it should further strengthen the manufacturing capacity of large components, and cultivate and build itself into a wind power manufacturing service-oriented enterprise with the whole industry chain and systematic solutions

now, after training and precipitation, Sany Heavy energy has turned losses into profits, and customer recognition has been greatly improved. In the ranking of new installed capacity of complete machine manufacturers in 2014, Sany Heavy Energy Co., Ltd. reached 494500 kW, more than double that of the previous year, and its ranking rose four places

today's four advantages

if "R & D, manufacturing and service" are Sany's core competitiveness and the source of its rapid development, today's Sany Heavy energy has four obvious competitive advantages in the wind power industry

first, it is the platform advantage of Sany group

on December 20, 2014, liangwengen, chairman of Sany group, organized a Sany global board meeting to discuss the medium and long-term development strategy of Sany Heavy energy. At this meeting, Sany group made it clear that it would devote its efforts to supporting the development of wind power industry, and called on all business units and units of the group to give full support to Sany Heavy energy in terms of the technological level and performance indicators of China's wood plastic industry, so as to realize the group's resource sharing, and build a team with the most operational ability in Sany Heavy energy relying on the group's excellent talent reserve

it is understood that the management and management team of Sany Heavy energy has not only formed a relatively fixed configuration, but also is actually the most elite combination of Sany group. For example, the combination of chairman yixiaogang and general manager xiezhixia, as the leader of Sany Heavy energy, can be called the best partner in the industry, and has made Sany concrete equipment the world's first brand

second, a strong R & D team

Yi Xiaogang, chief scientist of Sany group, served as the chairman of Sany Heavy energy, which shows the importance Sany group attaches to the research and development of wind power products. At present, Sany Heavy energy has established a R & D team of more than 600 people, which fully controls the independent intellectual property rights of high-speed doubly fed wind power technology and the core technologies of key components including blades, speed increase boxes, generators, control systems, etc. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the patent technology of great significance to the energy industry led by Yi Xiaogang has made a major breakthrough and will be available soon. At the same time, the external expert teams of Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of science and technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University have also built a perfect professional platform for the development of Sany R & D technology

up to now, Sany Heavy energy has obtained 67 authorized patents and 8 invention licenses; With 98 applications and 75 inventions in the application stage, it is one of the most patented wind power manufacturers in China. It is understood that Sany Heavy energy is preparing to build its first wind farm in Ningxiang, Hunan Province, which will be the development main of the display industry revolution. A series of new technologies independently developed by Sany Heavy energy will be applied to this wind farm. In particular, Sany Heavy energy will launch 2 Do not place the experimental machine in a humid and strong magnetic field. The new unit uses the dual generator technology. The overall feature is "low-speed direct drive, high-speed double fed", which can take into account the advantages of traditional direct drive and double fed generators. The speed increasing transmission system specially designed for the unit can increase the gear contact strength by about 20% and the bending strength by about 25% compared with the traditional structure under the same power, so that the 2MW speed increasing engine has the continuous operation ability of the previous 2.5MW speed increasing engine, with higher reliability and longer service life. On this model, Sany Heavy energy also uses a full hydraulic pitch system, which can automatically follow the wind direction with zero deviation, thus increasing the power generation by about 3%. The tower of the new unit adopts the form of steel annular framework combined with concrete, which not only greatly increases the strength of the tower, significantly reduces the vibration of the unit, and improves the operation reliability of the unit, but also reduces the transportation and hoisting costs because the tower concrete is poured on site

thirdly, it is the production and manufacturing capacity of the whole industrial chain of Sany Heavy energy

due to the assembly of large parts, many wind power manufacturers are asset light enterprises. Although they occupy less capital and are more flexible, they are difficult to manage in terms of R & D collaboration, component quality assurance, supply chain security, etc

Sany Heavy energy, as a wind power manufacturing enterprise in the whole industry chain, has strong independent R & D and innovation, short product personalized design cycle, and parts supply and service are not subject to third parties. Over the years of development, the major components of Sany Heavy energy wind turbine have been independently developed, produced and manufactured. Such a business model makes the product quality controllable, avoids the constraints of foreign technology, realizes the optimal combination of products, and accelerates the upgrading of wind turbine. At the same time, the whole industry chain makes customers feel more secure, and there will be no phenomenon of entering when the industry is developing rapidly and exiting when the development is slowing down, Avoid transferring business risks to customers

in addition, the advantages of Sany Heavy energy are also reflected in its quality control ability and service ability

"quality is the starting point of value and dignity". Sany Heavy energy has strong quality control ability and religious quality culture. It has introduced the quality management system of Boeing to control the quality of wind turbine products as the aircraft standard, thus achieving remarkable results. In Sany, the quality pledge of "quality changes the world" has been integrated into every detail of enterprise management

in terms of service capability, only in terms of response speed, the whole industry chain model can build an excellent congenital advantage for Sany. Through the self-made large parts, the supply speed of spare parts is faster, so as to avoid that the owner can not get the quick response from the supplier in case of unit failure, and eliminate the downtime of imported parts for several months. In addition, after more than 20 years of service precipitation, Sany group has accumulated rich operation and management experience in the service field and formed a "eight elements of service" management system focusing on "service culture, talent incentive, service resources, information system, accessories management, service monitoring, pre-sales service and post market service", which has laid a solid foundation for the further improvement of Sany Heavy energy's service work

tomorrow's strategy is expected

in recent years, with the support of the national energy policy and the global macro environment emphasizing green energy and green economy, the wind power industry has unlimited development space. In addition, with the determination of offshore wind power price, the acceleration of wind power development in low wind speed areas and the support of the national "the Belt and Road" and "going global" strategies, Sany Heavy energy's wind power business will usher in a better period of development opportunities, and its wind power business development strategy will further surround these aspects

in terms of offshore wind power, Sany Heavy energy's group platform advantages can be highlighted, and Sany Heavy Industries and Sany Heavy machinery have provided good support in offshore hoisting. For example, Sany Heavy energy adopts a special crane for hoisting self climbing wind turbine units, which breaks through the bottleneck of hoisting high-power units and does not need expensive hoisting ships, thus greatly reducing the hoisting cost of offshore high-power units. It can also greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the unit, making the maintenance of the high-altitude unit as convenient as the maintenance of ground equipment. At the same time, Sany group's mature ECC enterprise control platform provides a comprehensive remote monitoring capability for offshore unit operation and maintenance, makes full use of the Internet technology, monitors the healthy operation status of the unit in real time, and promotes the post fault maintenance of the unit to pre fault maintenance through the expert diagnosis system, effectively reducing the operation and maintenance cost. The Sany offshore foundation platform has also made full research, and has set up an offshore wind turbine research center, which is trying to solve the technical problems of unit corrosion prevention, typhoon resistance and high hoisting cost

low wind speed wind power development is a broad market that Sany is very optimistic about. As a wind turbine development suitable for low wind speed and ultra-low wind speed areas, Sany Heavy energy will comprehensively reduce the cost, improve the wind capture efficiency and power generation capacity, increase the blade sweeping area, improve the wind energy utilization efficiency and reduce the rated wind speed through bold innovation

Sany group always takes the lead in the development of overseas wind power market. As early as september1,2010, five 2-megawatt wind turbines have been exported to Ralls wind farm in the United States, creating a record for China's export to the United States and the largest single unit power exported overseas

in may, 2013, Sany Heavy energy signed the equipment procurement contract for 102 typhoon generator units of Ethiopia Adama phase II wind farm project with Sinohydro International Engineering Corporation. The project has a total installed capacity of 153 MW and a contract amount of more than 600million yuan, setting China's largest single wind turbine export record so far. On october4,2014, the wind farm started and generated electricity four hours after power transmission, realizing the commitment of power transmission and generation on the same day. After inspecting the project, U.N. Deputy Secretary General wuhongbo greatly appreciated the progressiveness and adaptability of Chinese equipment

trade frictions are inevitable when opening up overseas markets. In 2014, the "Sany wins Obama" event, which was under the jurisdiction of Sany Heavy energy wind power business, attracted wide attention and support and became one of the top ten brand cultural events in China. The incident was an unprecedented legal victory for a Chinese company against the US white house,

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