MEMS demand will show blowout growth

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The demand for MEMS will grow in a blowout mode. The advent of the era of

5g provides a huge development opportunity for MEMS. The three application scenarios of 5g put forward massive demand for MEMS: enhanced mobile broadband (embB) mainly provides ultra-high data transmission rate for mobile Internet, and provides more extreme application experience for mobile Internet users. Applications such as ultra-high definition video, 3D stereo video and VR/AR will further grow; Ultra high reliability and low delay communication (urllc) is mainly used in vertical industries with high requirements for delay and reliability, such as car coupling, industrial control and telemedicine; Mass machine communication (mmtc) is mainly aimed at smart city, smart home, environmental monitoring and other applications aiming at sensing and data acquisition

the field of vehicle coupling (v2x) and automatic driving also brings incremental market to MEMS sensors. After the arrival of 5g, the two most important parts affecting the vehicle may be the field of automatic driving and vehicle coupling (v2x), which correspond to the intelligent part and coupling part of the intelligent vehicle respectively. Automatic driving technology will further promote MEMS sensors into cars. Although the GPS receiver can calculate its own position and speed, when the GPS signal is poor (underground garage, tunnel) and the signal is disturbed, the vehicle navigation will be affected, which is a fatal defect for automatic driving. The MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer are used to obtain the speed and position (the angular velocity and a part in the middle of the two fixture Yanlan sample leopard. The angular position of the extension of a fixed length proof sample can be measured). Any subtle action and tilt attitude of the vehicle will be converted into digital signals and transmitted to the trip computer through the bus. Even at the fastest speed, the accuracy and reaction speed of MEMS can adapt. The emerging automotive active safety technology needs to improve the existing active safety system, such as rollover (the film returned by Rollo is suitable for all kinds of garbage bags, etc.) and stability control (ESC), which requires MEMS acceleration sensor and angular velocity sensor to sense the body attitude; Voice will become an important way of interaction between people and intelligent vehicles, and MEMS microphone will usher in new opportunities for development; In addition, MEMS sensors have many applications in the automotive field, including airbags (high-g accelerometer for frontal anti-collision airbags and pressure sensor for side airbags), automotive engines (intake manifold absolute pressure sensor and flow sensor for detecting intake air), etc

to realize fully automatic driving (L5) in the future, the core sensors to be equipped mainly include lidar, radar, camera and inertial measurement unit. In order to solve the above problems (IMU) and vehicle road coordination system (v2x). With the development of autopilot technology, multi-sensor fusion technology will become the key. With the gradual improvement of autopilot penetration and the characteristics of autopilot redundancy and fault tolerance, the demand for sensors is expected to increase exponentially, and MEMS sensors will play an important role in this process

in addition to 5g and smart car, the application field of MEMS will gradually expand in the future. In the next 20 years, the important application fields of IOT such as smart city, smart home, smart manufacturing and smart medical treatment will usher in rapid development, and the MEMS sensor market will show blowout growth. MEMS sensors will play a core role in the future era of intelligent IOT. They will not only realize the integration of multiple sensors and the integration of AI and MEMS, but also with the boost of new sensor design, new process, new material, new integration method, new packaging technology, sensor fusion and new detection principle, MEMS sensors will be able to imitate or even enhance most human perception, vision, hearing, touch, smell, and even emotion Telepathy and aesthetic appreciation


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