Memorial Hall for the decommissioning and handover

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Release date: around Beijing and Tianjin

on May 12, a combat support ship detachment of the navy of the northern theater held a grand handover ceremony for the retired Hongze Lake ship at a military port wharf in Qingdao, marking that the Hongze Lake ship left the battle sequence of the people's Navy, Officially handed over to the memorial hall of the birthplace of the navy in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, it will be opened to the public as a national defense education base with the main cost of life. Hongze Lake ship is the first generation of comprehensive supply ship independently designed and built by China. It was launched on September 6, 1979. This part of consumer demand showed rigidity in 1980. After being deployed in 1980, it has traveled all over 5 continents, 3 oceans, 26 countries and 29 ports, setting 16 records such as "the first global voyage" and "the first passage through the Panama Canal" of China's ship formation. It has experienced the magnificent journey of the people's Navy from nearshore to the open sea and from yellow water to dark blue, Known as "the first Chinese supply ship"


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