Memory failure of high pressure injection molding

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Memory fault of high-pressure injection molding machine

the fault phenomenon is: "it also shows that the increasing module I is not online". The control system of the machine has multiple functional modules, and the system itself has strong self diagnosis function. The maintenance personnel once switched the same module position, but still reported that "module I is not online". Due to the lack of information, it is difficult to maintain. According to the inspection of professional maintenance personnel, each module is an independent single board extension, which is controlled by a single chip microcomputer, and one single chip microcomputer is connected with the upper computer. According to the analysis of module function and processing technology, the control modes of each module are different. Although the hardware inside some modules is the same, the control procedures are different, and the low price has caused losses to almost all vanadium enterprises, so each module cannot be interchanged. After power on inspection, the self diagnosis function of the control system operates normally, and the alarm is "module I is not online", so module I is specially inspected. There is no abnormality in module I through visual inspection. Power on and check that the CPU operation is normal, and the state of each integrated circuit is also normal. The check memory is EEPROM, which can be rewritten at any time. EPROM should be flexible and convenient in specific operation, but its reliability is not as high as EPROM. Due to some interference, misrewriting may occur, so it is suspected that the memory is faulty. Read out the contents of the memory and find several suspicious data. Disassemble and analyze them. The program will conduct self-test after startup. If it fails, the upper computer will give an alarm. The input signal of servo valve is mostly sine wave. Look at the later control program, some are not like normal program or data. According to the mode analysis of the control program, some control programs have been rewritten, so they cannot pass the self-test. Write the control program according to the processing technology and verify it on PC. the self inspection can pass. The EPROM does not need to be rewritten in actual operation because it is used to write data. After power on inspection, module I will no longer alarm, and the whole machine can operate normally. This example shows that maintenance personnel should not only be able to judge hardware faults, but also have certain knowledge of control software and be able to operate and use computers


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