Meikui announced the launch of a new pet resin dry

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Meikui announced the launch of a new pet resin dryer

meikui, such as friction reinforcement materials and interior materials, announced the launch of an innovative drying system in Asia. The system adopts a newly designed wheel dryer and adopts a unique air flow layout, which can not only save space for PET resin processors and reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption, but also make adaptive adjustments according to the feed speed and characteristics of the dried materials, So as to ensure the consistency of performance

it is reported that the floor area of the newly launched intellipet drying system is only 55% to 60% of that of the similar wheeled pet drying system, and the energy consumption is 40% to 50% lower than that of the traditional double dehumidification bed drying system. The system adopts automatic temperature and speed control device, which can automatically adjust according to the changes of drying amount, moisture content and material temperature, so as to ensure the constant temperature when the resin leaves the hopper outlet and the consistency of products without the intervention of operators

the key components of the intellipet system include: a dehumidification wheel dryer similar to the novawheel dryer, a two zone drying hopper, an electric heater or a gas heater with a thermal efficiency of 90%, a cyclone separator and an optional self-cleaning "pulse" dust collector. In contrast, similar wheeled pet dryers need one more drying circuit centered on the hot air dryer. In addition, there are two cyclones, two dust collectors (dust bags need to be updated regularly) and two low-efficiency gas heaters

intellipet drying system has high efficiency and simple structure. One of the key factors is to recycle the heat in the return air returning from the hopper to the dryer. It seriously restricts the sustainable development. The air enters the blower after filtering in the dryer. After passing through the blower, it is divided into two ways close to the same air flow. After cooling, a stream of air passes through the dehumidification wheel and is reheated before entering the lower part of the hopper. Another stream of air maintains the original high temperature. Before entering the upper part of the hopper, North Korea strives to improve the localization proportion of decoration materials, and there is almost no need to reheat, so it can reduce energy consumption

intellipet dryer is controlled by color touch screen, which can also reduce energy consumption. The control system can track the temperature readings and air velocity of 11 carefully arranged thermocouple sensors, and automatically optimize and adjust without manual intervention

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