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Summary of domestic styrene market trend analysis

supply: 1) last week, the port spot inventory was stable at 58000 tons, and the holding cost of arrival was generally higher than the market price. Some goods in the spot inventory will flow into the market and gradually make profits. However, due to the small holding volume of most merchants, the sales attitude of bulk goods is more cautious. 2) Due to the shortage of natural gas supply, the production enterprises in East China reduced the start-up of some units, the contract supply was basically normal, and the spot supply was relatively small. 3) The production and sales of production enterprises in North China and Northeast China are stable, with a small amount of goods flowing into East China. Due to the opening of downstream devices, the supply of Dushanzi device in Northwest China to East China is reduced, and the overall impact of resources in other regions on East China is limited. 4) In terms of supply in Northeast Asia, the burden of some devices in Japan has been reduced, and the supply has gradually decreased. Due to the failure of Samsung total device in South Korea, there is a certain amount of loss, and the spot sales will be reduced accordingly. Due to cost pressure, the units in Northeast Asia have been reduced or planned to be reduced in order to maintain reasonable profits and control inventory pressure

demand: 1) the downstream ABS, PS and EPS start-up remains stable, and most enterprises have no production and marketing pressure for the time being, but EPS enterprises are expected to decline in subsequent demand and reduce spot procurement of raw styrene. 2) Some small and medium-sized downstream operations maintained a normal level, and styrene procurement was normal. 3) Speculators still fade out of the market, while the import market should be approximately equal to 10% of the upper limit of measurement. The negotiation atmosphere is light, and the price is difficult to see a breakthrough. 4) Small and medium-sized traders are cautious in catching up, and the atmosphere for small and medium-sized orders in the market is mild

: the price of domestic pure benzene and ethylene in Northeast Asia continue to rise, the production cost of styrene further rises, the profit space of production enterprises decreases again, non integrated production enterprises have faced losses, and the possibility of subsequent price reduction exists

it can be seen that high production costs are still the main reason to support the weak market price, but the weak state of supply and demand. 3. Sheet metal: it is a kind of protective layer on the surface of fatigue testing machine that intensifies. Therefore, it is expected that the market price will be difficult to break away from the cost line in the short term to accelerate the upward trend, and the overall price will be "maintained"; The goal of Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is to maintain a narrow consolidation led by intelligent manufacturing, with ups and downs in a dilemma

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