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Jinyong leads the industry with a great leap forward

PQI officially announced the launch of x226industrialcfturbo+, 256gbssdturbo+, 32gbpci/essd and 32gb1.8 "zifssd industrial storage media. In addition to the highest capacity on the market, the superior reading speed is also very noticeable. The x226industrialcfturbo launched by PQI this time has the characteristics of 1 capacity, long service life and 6GB, and the reading speed can be upgraded to 38mb/sec. It is the fastest industrial CF card in the industry at present

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manager Qiu xianshou of PQI storage media business department said that nowadays, storage media has gradually replaced traditional hard disks by flash. SSD has the characteristics of shock resistance, high stability and low power consumption, and has gradually been popularized from industrial dedicated high-end computers in the general consumer market. In addition, SSD has high data retention, which can be stored for at least 10 years. At the same time, the data search time is fast, which is different from the previous traditional hard disk to find data with magnetic head, and it takes a long time. PQI said that SSD will be the new hard disk of the next generation, and it is estimated that 30% of SSD will replace the traditional hard disk market in 2008

The 256gbssdturbo+, 32gbpci/essd and 32gb1.8 "zifssd launched by


pqi are all the largest capacity in the market. PQI has just exhibited 128gbssd physical products at this year's CeBIT exhibition in Germany, and now it is even ahead of the market to launch 256gbssdturbo+, with a reading speed of 60mb/sec. In addition, pci/essd is compatible with such electromechanical slots in general notebook, which adopt analog signal to control pci/e, and its reading speed can reach 30mb/sec at the fastest. Another 32 reporter also learned that gb1.8 "zifssd, although a common interface in the commercial market, is a relatively rare interface in the industrial market. In order to meet the different needs and applications of the industrial market, PQI provides solutions with a variety of different interface specifications with leading technology, leads the industry, breaks through the limits of existing capacity and speed, and constantly introduces products with the latest specifications to meet the market demand


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