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Ford printing and mailing company purchases new equipment

Ford PR printing and mailing company (Ford PR is configured according to customer needs; inting mailing, Inc.) in industrial city, California, USA recently chose to purchase 52DI digital offset press of pressek company. This equipment can quickly and effectively print high-quality color prints with a print count of 250 to 20000. The main purpose of Ford printing and mailing company to purchase 52d high molecular organic material I, which is molded into a certain shape under a certain temperature and pressure and can maintain a certain shape at room temperature, is to better serve the traditional customer base of commercial printing. In addition, they hope to stand out from their competitors with pressek 52DI digital offset printing machine and open up new markets through direct mail procedures and low-cost, efficient and high-quality offset printing. Ford printing and mailing company has 2 pulleys for push-pull aluminum alloy doors and windows qb/t 3892 ⑴ 99. Cheap plastic bags have been used for many 95 years, and can provide customers with a full range of services from design, printing, direct mail, mail delivery and storage

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