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Analysis and treatment instruments in sludge drying equipment

most industrial production or energy and material conservation have become the focus of the extrusion processing industry. Sludge used in regional construction must be dried. The preventive maintenance and measurement identification of the drying detection system is an indispensable and important link in the sludge automatic drying equipment

according to Emerson Process Management Company: in Si oxygen detector with rough glass and its powerful demonstration driving and radiation effect glass is installed in daldowie sludge treatment plant near Glasgow City. In order to accurately monitor and transmit the monitored data and the working data of the equipment, the digital PlanWeb process equipment management software is used. This is an integral part of their new technology strategy "Scottish water"; Its purpose is to recover sludge economically and efficiently and make full use of reclaimed water resources after sewage treatment. This is also in line with the relevant provisions and requirements of EU regulations to minimize the discharge of silt into lakes and rivers

there is an important safety regulation for sludge working equipment in the working process: in order to prevent explosion hazards, the content of dust in the working environment and air of the equipment shall not exceed a certain limit value. In order to meet the strict testing requirements, the most advanced world class 3000 oxygen meter produced by Rosemount analytical is used. This high-precision detector is used to ensure that the sludge working equipment works safely and normally

daldwie sludge drying plant is responsible for all the main engines in Glasgow area. We are doing a good job in sludge drying. The number of residents living in this area exceeds 1million. Daldwie sludge treatment plant can produce about 65000 tons of combustible energy from sludge every year. This granular artificial fuel produced from sludge raw materials has a calorific value equivalent to that of lignite; It can be used for power generation by local thermal power plants. World class 3000 oxygen measuring instrument is a series of products, with a variety of adaptability, which can be selected according to the structure and power. The instrument has high self-protection ability, and can work in the environment with heavy dirt, dust and high humidity. Some specifications and varieties also have certain moisture resistance, and can be used in the water containing sludge of the drying equipment

most oxygen detectors are used to detect the optimization of combustion gas. In this case, the range of the oxygen detector used is 0 ~ 21% (volume) O2, and it is equipped with three alarms, which can send alarm signals in time according to the preset oxygen concentration level

planweb technology is a measurement monitoring and detection power data display technology. The data analyzer produced by Rosemount analytical can transmit data information between detectors through common hardware devices. Current detection and monitoring data can be judged by AMS suite. Intelligent instrument management can carry out preventive equipment and instrument maintenance in advance; It can measure and identify the instruments and equipment of the detection system

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