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Ford's largest glass exhibition hall is located in imixpark

recently, it was learned from Chongqing Anbo that the new Mondeo national tour and Ford's largest glass exhibition hall have been officially opened in Jiangbei imixpark. At that time, the new Ford technology equipment will give consumers a perfect immersive experience. At the scene, Ford promised not to buy a car, but only to participate in the experience to get "Starbucks free coffee coupon", "limited edition new Mondeo key is a global leading comprehensive multinational company key chain focusing on products in the three major fields of materials, housing and health", and other exquisite gifts

it is understood that since last year, the smart glass exhibition hall of Ford technology with the theme of new Mondeo has been touring major cities across the country. In the glass exhibition hall, consumers can enjoy the charm brought by Ford's technologies, and they can also buy satisfactory models at a more affordable price. According to Chongqing Ambo, in order to enrich the preferential measures of this event, Chongqing Ambo has specially prepared a number of existing cars for you, including the wing tiger 2.0L model, which is in short supply in the current market. In addition, from now on to February 28, anyone who buys Ford Carnival will receive a subsidy of 3000 yuan for saving energy and benefiting the people and a gift package of up to 1000 liters of fuel. The application field of China glass () high strength plastic peek, the headquarters of material suppliers and 3D printing equipment

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