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Predict the future of UK packaging industry according to the latest research report of ICD research: Although the global economic recession has had a certain impact on the UK, with the growth of packaging demand in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, the UK packaging industry is expected to achieve significant growth in the next few years; Moreover, affected by the strong import demand of emerging countries, the growth rate of UK packaging machinery manufacturing industry will also set a new record. In addition, with the increasing public attention to environmental protection packaging, the UK packaging industry is also working hard to develop new packaging materials and methods

the packaging industry will achieve moderate growth

from 2006 to 2010, the average annual compound growth rate of the UK packaging industry reached 4.07%, while from 2011 to 2015, its average annual compound growth rate is expected to reach 3.16%, and the total industrial output value is more than 20billion US dollars. In fact, the global economic crisis has had a great impact on Britain. First of all, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Britain shrank by 4.9% in 2009, and the level of employment and consumption is not optimistic. Although the demand for packaging in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries continues to grow, the UK packaging industry still needs to face severe challenges in the next few years due to domestic consumption levels

the food and manufacturing industry will drive growth

from now on to 2015, the food, beverage and manufacturing industry will become the main growth driver of the UK packaging industry. Among all the packaging consumed in the UK, the food and beverage industry accounts for 70%, the pharmaceutical industry accounts for 10%, and personal care products account for about 6%. Therefore, the development of these industries will have a positive impact on the packaging industry. Among them, the food and beverage industry has the most robust growth, and its compound annual growth rate in the next few years will reach about 6.5%

in addition, the pharmaceutical industry will also make a great contribution to the packaging industry in the next few years. With the intensification of population aging, the progress of the pharmaceutical industry and the enhancement of public health awareness, the demand for drugs in British society will gradually increase. Therefore, the packaging industry that can provide blister, vial and carton packaging for these drugs will also benefit

export drives the development of packaging machinery industry

in the past few years, the average annual compound growth rate of the UK packaging machinery industry has reached 6.61%. In 2010 alone, its output value exceeded US $400million. In the next few years, zhangjianfeng, chairman and general manager of CGNPC, said that it would maintain such a strong growth momentum in the middle of the year. As the demand for food and beverage products in the Gulf countries and other developing countries continues to grow, the UK packaging machinery manufacturing industry will also usher in a new export peak

in addition to strong export demand, the UK market demand for packaging machinery will also increase in the next few years. Consumers want to use multi-functional environmental protection packaging, which requires the packaging machinery manufacturing industry to develop and produce professional products to meet users' various packaging needs

light and environmentally friendly packaging will become the mainstream

for this reason,

in recent years, the UK packaging industry has begun to move closer to more environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Many plastic packaging enterprises began to use degradable materials with crops as raw materials to replace thermoplastics with petroleum as raw materials, hoping to reduce the weight of packaging and improve its environmental performance. The packaging industry is also trying to replace the traditional hard plastic with lighter plastic in order to reduce the plastic used in the UK by about 1900 tons per year. This trend will continue in the coming years as consumers' demand for environmentally friendly packaging that consumes less energy and produces less waste increases

not only do consumers have requirements for environmentally friendly packaging, but also the British government has introduced a series of regulations to encourage people to produce and use environmentally friendly packaging. The UK Department of environment, food and rural affairs has issued a directive aimed at reducing the impact of packaging on the environment, requiring the UK to recycle 55% of packaging materials every year and recycle 60% of packaging materials. As of 2008, the UK has overfulfilled the task, and their packaging material recovery rate and recycling rate have reached 60% and 65% respectively. Now, the UK Department of environment, food and rural affairs has put forward a new goal, that is, to increase the recovery rate of all packaging materials to 80% by 2020

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