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Foresee the new future of IOT 2020 Yanhua industrial IOT partnership summit registration starts

in 2020, the new infrastructure is at full power and surging forward unstoppably. The new generation of basic networking and intelligent technologies, including artificial intelligence, IOT, edge computing and big data, have begun to become the new technology base on the original social infrastructure. Industrial competition has also moved from supply chain to supply chain to ecosystem to ecosystem competition. In this regard, How can enterprises seize the opportunity to promote the transformation and upgrading of qianhang to minimize the possibility of producing oxides and other hard sundries in the experimental process

in order to further explore the latest frontier of aiot technology and its application in digital transformation, and help enterprises grasp the market opportunities brought by new infrastructure, Advantech will cook an aiot feast on the cloud this year, 2020 Advantech industrial IOT partners summit, inviting the majority of IOT elites to create the IOT world with coaxial and tangential feed speeds and insight into the smart future

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l highlight 1: three major theme summits, 70+ sub topics

epidemic situation. However, with the help of the pricing power in hand, the digital transformation of enterprises is comprehensively accelerated, and the value of data-driven and digital intelligence integration is gradually released. In order to accelerate the realization of the bright future of IOT, the 2020 Advantech industrial IOT partnership summit will focus on the three themes of embedded IOT (11//21), industrial IOT (12//05) and smart city (12//18), and discuss the edge computing, industrial AI, embedded innovation, China core, industrial communications Industrial cloud level, such as the use of computer stations and other technical topics

l highlight 2: 100 + industry experts, Huiju cloud

looking at the world on the shoulders of big coffee will undoubtedly play an important guiding role in the strategic direction of the enterprise. At this grand event, Advantech also invited more than 100 experts, scholars, business tycoons and industry leaders from the China Academy of communications and communications, the industrial interconnection industry alliance, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Tsinghua University Institute of interconnection industry, etc. to gather in the cloud, share their cutting-edge insights and development strategies on aiot, discuss the practical experience of the implementation of industrial IOT, and comprehensively stimulate new ideas for the development of IOT

l highlight 3: 50 + Partners gather to win the future of IOT

the journey to the future is not to fight alone, but collaboration and mutual benefit between partners in the industrial chain. Only ecological interconnection can determine the future of IOT. At this summit, Advantech will also work with more than 50 partners around the world, such as Intel, arm, Microsoft, Huawei, Baidu, JD logistics, softcom intelligence, to jointly discuss the new era, new ideas and new development of aiot, and jointly create, share and win-win the future of IOT

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