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Forcepoint DLP solutions continue to push up the business development process of institutions.

in Gartner's compliance application case, forcepoint DLP received the highest score and ranked as enterprise level. "Cheng Huiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher of the Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the leader quadrant of DLP's Magic Quadrant

Beijing, China - May 8, 2017 - today, Forepoint, the leader of global network security, announced the strong growth of its data protection demand. Forcepoint announced that this is because more and more enterprise customers have adopted the centralized management solution of data leakage prevention (DLP), and the market cognition has gradually formed the following consensus:

in the compliance application case of Gartner's 207 key performance report of data leakage prevention, forcepoint DLP ranked the highest for the second consecutive year

in Gartner's 2017 DLP Magic Quadrant, forepoint ranked as the leader Quadrant for the ninth time

more and more large enterprises have implemented the people-oriented security solution of forcepoint. Therefore, no matter where the data exists, better compliance, intellectual property protection and best visual management can be guaranteed for key data. Enterprise customers who choose forcepoint DLP safety products include: Honda, D petroleum asphalt softening point determination method gb4507 (8) 4anieli C. official meccaniche and finansbank

heath Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of data and internal threat security business department of forcepoint, said: global enterprises have realized the important and reliable guarantee relationship between protecting people and protecting important IP and data security. We believe that the recent selection of customers and Gartner's evaluation are the strongest proof of our ability and commitment, indicating that our solutions can quickly identify, understand and prevent high-risk users and high-risk activities in any environment

forcepoint network security solution, through the understanding of user behavior and intention, can protect the human aspect of human interaction with key data points, because technology is the most powerful and security is the weakest. Forepoint DLP products integrate user behavior and analysis results of in-depth knowledge of file content, such as specific data types that are most valuable to specific customers. Therefore, forcepoint can provide a compliance framework by strengthening the data use strategy, so that the organization complies with gdpr regulations, while preventing unauthorized data use or identifying high-risk users

forepoint's leadership in enterprise DLP continues to be recognized by industry analysts. In Gartner's latest key competency report, forcepoint DLP has achieved the highest product score (4.08 points, total 5 points) for compliance application cases for the second consecutive year. In addition, forcepoint DLP obtained 4.06 points (5 points in total) in IP protection and 4.07 points (5 points in total) in data visualization and monitoring

enterprises can quickly identify the risk of data theft locally and in the cloud

Danieli C. officine meccaniche S.p.A, one of the largest industrial plant and equipment suppliers in the global metal industry, has an annual turnover of more than 3 billion euros and more than 11000 employees worldwide, which extends protection from the local to the cloud, improves compliance, enhances the visibility of employees' intentions, and reduces the risks unintentionally caused by internal personnel

danieli C. officine meccaniche S.p.A IT Security Manager Fabrizio Paolini said: thanks to forcepoint DLP, we can significantly improve people's awareness and attention. This enables us to focus on accidents caused by lack of awareness or distraction of employees

as the top five bank in Turkey, finansbank has US $300billion in assets and 12000 employees. Forcepoint's products help it improve controls to detect and prevent internal data theft

Ahmet taskeser, head of safety accident management department of finansbank, said: the most important thing is that we are trying to protect the reputation of our bank, which is priceless to us. To protect a well-known financial institution with millions of customers who have holidays according to national legal holidays, advanced data leakage protection technology is needed to actively prevent various security threats from outside and inside and outside, and prevent data from flowing to places that should not be gone

about forcepoint

by understanding the purpose of people interacting with key data - no matter where the data is located - forcepoint is changing the current situation of network security environment. Our powerful system enables organizations to provide employees with secure access to critical data while protecting intellectual property and simplifying compliance. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, forcepoint provides information security for more than 20000 enterprise customers worldwide

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