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Ford style scientific management

Song Qing visited Ford company when studying in the United States. This experience made him feel a lot, and Ford style management was also transplanted to East Asia

the institutional management of East Asia company is divided into two aspects: one is the management of material (quality) and the other is the management of people. In quality management, East Asia company attaches importance to statistical work. Workshop managers have detailed and thorough statistics on all processes of production process, such as raw materials to sliver, from sliver refining to ply, yarn shaking, dyeing, packaging and finished product warehousing. They also have detailed statistical statements on raw material consumption and product quality, storage of finished products and semi-finished products, so that factory leaders can make timely estimates of product costs. East Asia company has very strict requirements on product quality. For example, when selecting raw materials, we should first test the phosphorus content of wool, because the phosphorus content determines the curvature of wool and the elasticity after spinning. All wool whose phosphorus content does not meet the standard is not allowed to be used to spin "duyang" wool. In addition, there are requirements for the thickness of wool. If the wool size is not enough to meet the international standard 48S, it is not allowed to be used to spin 100 wool. The same is true in dyeing. For each new color, it is necessary to undergo several tests, such as sun exposure, greasy washing in soapy water, wear resistance, sweat resistance, etc. before it can be officially put into production. The spun wool can only be packed and put into storage after being inspected for twist, tension, elasticity, etc

at the same time, East Asia has strict rules and regulations on safe operation and machine maintenance, the responsibilities of managers, and the time display of workers' technical assessment. Violators will be punished for violating factory regulations. In terms of personnel management, East Asia company has many clear and strict rules and regulations, which play an important role in ensuring the development of production. The reward and punishment system is clear. If there is a mistake, it will be punished, and if there is merit, it will be rewarded. For those who are active in production, there are monthly awards and annual awards, as well as half a year's living subsidies and annual bonus gifts. If there are inventors, they will be promoted or given bonuses; For those who make mistakes and violate factory regulations, the gold of Inner Mongolia (Naiman) Jing'an nonferrous metal materials Co., Ltd. will be deducted according to the seriousness of the circumstances, and even punished. According to the attendance system, those who are absent from work, late, leave early, fight or slow down without reason will be punished by recording a demerit. Three minor demerits are one major demerit, and those who record three major demerits will be dismissed. Workers who work full-time for one month will be paid an extra two days' salary, and those who work full-time for one year will be paid an extra month's salary. The wage system is divided into three, six, nine, and so on. Later, the factory implemented the piecework wage system. After reaching the quota standard in terms of output, quality, consumption and so on, there can be more overproduction. Those who fail to meet the quota standard still maintain their original wages. After the implementation of the piecework wage system, the labor productivity increased from 65% to 98%

in addition, East Asia company has many other regulations for employees, such as employees in the factory are not allowed to operate other business activities outside the company, are not allowed to accept the employment and bribery of other manufacturers, and are not allowed to disclose the business secrets and production technology secrets of the company, etc

employee welfare

in terms of welfare system, East Asia has night shift health allowance, sickness and injury allowance, casualty pension, disease convalescence allowance, marriage and funeral allowance, living difficulties allowance, work clothes allowance, children's scholarship, etc., and there are many names. Song Qing also set up a home visit system, and set up a home visit specialist in the personnel department of the factory, which is held by a female staff member. She often went deep into the workers' families to understand the situation and help solve family disputes or difficulties, so as to facilitate the workers' production at ease. In case of marriage or funeral for the staff's family, the personnel department will send a special person to assist in cooking and give gifts in the name of the company to show care. For those whose parents die, three months' salary will be subsidized to show the company's respect for the workers' filial piety to the elderly. The sports department of the Youth Association of East Asia company will organize the staff of the whole plant into 36 sports teams to carry out various sports activities, such as football, basketball, volleyball, ball, gymnastics, martial arts and track and field sports. Each group will train for 45 minutes every day

in addition, he also rented a fish pond for the workers in the factory to fish. The Mass Education Department of the Youth Association often uses the evening time to hold games, singing, drama, music and other activities, and the newspaper reading room and library are also open at the same time. In addition, he often invites some famous actors to perform in the factory. East Asia company and the national product sales Institute jointly set up a sanatorium in Xishan, Beiping, presided over by Dr. Guo Delong, a tuberculosis expert. If the factory staff are sick and need to recuperate after being diagnosed by the doctor, they can go to the sanatorium. Employees in East Asia have one month of paid vacation every year, and can go to Beiping Xishan and Xiangshan to recuperate, and regularly go to Peking Union Medical College Hospital for a comprehensive physical examination. Before the war of resistance against Japan, the East Asia company also organized two spring outings. He led the whole factory staff to Beiping to visit the world for nearly 20 years

during the cultural revolution, Song Qing had already died in Argentina. The rebels sent to the East Asian wool textile factory to hunt down the "capitalists". As a result, the name of the "capitalists" was written all over the wall. "Labor side is the capital side", which is the policy Song Qing has been implementing. Many employees have received stock grants due to their excellent work, and even customers can get stock grants when they purchase a certain number of East Asian products. This entrepreneur with great personality has made great achievements in both "management way" and "management skill", and the managers of Toyota company in difficulty respect him so much

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