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It is expected that PS prices will still be reduced this week

due to the rapid decline in the price of SM monomer in Asia, the current SM price has reached about $570/ton, making the domestic PS price also fall. Although PS manufacturers successively lowered their quotations, traders and downstream users reacted coldly, and there were few actual transactions

in South China, although PS manufacturers have taken measures to reduce production, they have to reduce their quotation by 300 yuan/ton because the market has not improved. Generally, the price of GPPS is 6400 ~ 6500 yuan/ton, and the price of hips is 6900 ~ 7000 yuan/ton. The GPPS quotation of SINOPEC Guangzhou is 6400 yuan/ton, and the market price of hips is 6900 yuan/ton. Shantou ocean's GPPS quotation is 6500 yuan/ton, and hips quotation is 7000 yuan/ton. CNOOC's GPPS quotation is 6450 yuan/ton. The market price of GPPS in Zhanjiang xinzhongmei is 6500 yuan/ton, and the market price of hips is 6800 yuan/ton. In East China, the price of PS also decreased by 100 ~ 200 yuan/ton. Daqing Petrochemical still stops production to ensure safety, and the price of GPPS is 6300 yuan/ton. In general, the GPPS price of Panjin Petrochemical is 6400 yuan/ton. The price of GPPS in Zhenjiang Qimei is 7200 yuan/ton, and the price of hips is 7600 yuan/ton

it is expected that the PS price will still be reduced next week

1. Due to the weak downstream demand of SM and the global task of energy conservation and emission reduction in summer weather, SM prices may continue to decline, which is not conducive to the storage of SM

2. The high oil inventories in the United States and the plans of Russia and Norway to increase crude oil production continued to decline crude oil prices

3. As the downstream industry of PS is in the off-season, downstream users are not confident and do not purchase actively

4. In order to concentrate on watching the World Cup football match, traders reduced their enthusiasm for doing business

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