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Discussion on "degree" in packaging design (Part 1)

in modern marketing, commodity packaging and decoration are important means of promotion. The basic function of packaging is to carry and protect goods from damage, scattering, overflow and deterioration. In modern commodity packaging, in addition to improving the level of basic functions of early packaging, and developing to standardization, generalization and containerization, paying attention to the psychological function of packaging is a major trend of modern packaging

the psychological functions of packaging mainly include identification function, convenience function, beautification function, value-added function, promotion function, consumption guidance function, distribution function, protection function and advertising function. The psychological strategy corresponding to the packaging function requires that the packaging design should take the group characteristics of consumer objects as the main design basis, and the characteristics of consumer individual needs as the main design basis. Designers should comprehensively analyze and study the factors of the commodity itself, the market and the psychology of consumers, so as to design a packaging style that can not only reflect the characteristics of the commodity, but also adapt to the market competition situation and meet the psychological needs of consumers

the packaging design of goods should pay attention to "degree", which is a kind of specification and adaptability. However, in real life, in order to pursue high profits, many enterprises do not work hard on product quality, but unilaterally emphasize the value-added and promotional functions of packaging, start ideas on "packaging", blindly pay attention to luxury and style, resulting in serious over packaging, which has attracted the attention of the whole society. Based on the analysis of the essence and harm of excessive packaging, this paper discusses the "degree" of packaging design

I. excessive packaging and its harm

according to the Beijing Youth Daily on September 24, 2004, a moon cake in Kunming costs more than 310000 yuan. In addition to an Olympus digital camera, a video camera, a bottle of Wuliangye, a Parker gold pen and a famous brand lighter, the moon cake gift box is also equipped with high-grade health products, tea, etc. More strangely, this box of mooncakes is also equipped with a house of more than 100 square meters

from the above typical examples, we can see that "over packaging" is a kind of commodity packaging with excess function and value. Its performance is that it consumes too much materials, too large volume, high-end materials, luxury decoration and other decorative products, which makes it exceed the functional requirements of protecting and beautifying goods, giving consumers a sense of unworthiness and increasing the economic burden. Therefore, "over packaging" is the excess of protective functions, convenience functions, communication functions and decorative functions

according to the situation reflected by the market, excessive packaging mainly occurs in non durable goods such as cigarettes, alcohol, food, clothing and other goods that can be used as gifts. Its harmfulness can be roughly shown in the following aspects:

1 Waste resources. According to statistics, the average production of shirts in China is 1.2 billion pieces every year, and the amount of paper used in packing boxes is 240000 tons, which is equivalent to cutting 1.68 million bowls. The thick bowl is a rare experimental equipment tree for testing the fatigue performance of springs. If we calculate the amount of paper used for packaging all goods and the trees to be cut down, it is undoubtedly an amazing figure

2. environment pollution. According to the statistics of the environmental health department, the packaging of various commodities is about 280000 tons per 1million tons of garbage, of which 200000 tons are excessive packaging that can be reduced. In particular, the non degradable polymer materials have seriously polluted the environment. At the same time, the pigments in some luxury packaging and printing also have an adverse impact on the environment

3. It leads to unfair competition and even commercial fraud, and damages the interests of consumers. When quality and technology cannot compete with rivals, many enterprises often use unfair competition means such as excessive packaging, price reduction (lower than normal cost price) to attract consumers. The result is that "gold and jade are out of it, and corruption is in it", which makes consumers suffer unnecessary economic losses

4. Encourage unhealthy tendencies. Reciprocity is one of the traditional ways of interpersonal communication in China. In most cases, the impression of utilitarian "gifts" is often that "people who use them don't buy them, and people who buy them don't use them". Ultra luxurious over packaging, such as the above "10000 yuan moon cakes", buyers are undoubtedly rarely used for their own consumption, and people who receive "moon cakes" can't get rid of the suspicion of bribery anyway. This shows the impact of excessive packaging on social climate

second, the "degree" in packaging design is to take measures.

excessive packaging design will bring adverse effects to consumers, social atmosphere, environment, etc., but we can't "give up eating because of choking" and ignore the role of packaging, or even return to the state of "no packaging" to do experimental projects. The author believes that as long as a certain "degree" is grasped, enterprises or designers can and should design packaging patterns that can not only reflect the characteristics of commodities, but also adapt to the competitive situation of the market and meet the psychological needs of consumers

1. Security degree

any package must first carry and protect the goods from damage, scattering, overflow and deterioration. This is the embodiment of the basic function of packaging, and it is also an important link that must be considered first and foremost in packaging design. At this time, the characteristics and attributes of the commodity itself should be fully considered, and different packaging materials and methods should be selected accordingly. For example, in the packaging of food and drugs, we should not only ensure that the packaging will not be damaged and deformed in the process of transportation and sales, but also fully consider the shelf life and dosage of the packaging

(to be continued)

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