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On lean packaging management (II)

the important role of packaging innovation is reflected in at least the following four aspects:

(1) changing the appearance of goods and forming a visual impact on customers in the sales process. Packaging is the coat of a product. Whether it is dignified or not will directly affect consumers' judgment and evaluation of product quality. A survey by DuPont, the largest chemical industry company in the United States, shows that 63% of consumers choose goods according to their packaging. This discovery is the famous "DuPont law". According to the British market research company, women who shop in supermarkets are usually attracted by exquisite packaging, and their purchases usually exceed 45% of the amount they intend to buy when entering the door. [1] It can be seen that packaging is a silent salesman of goods

(2) change the production cost of goods. In many manufacturing enterprises, packaging costs account for a large proportion of commodity production costs. If enterprises want to win in the fierce market competition, reducing production costs is an important measure. How to reduce packaging costs is also one of the measures of enterprise market competition. However, blindly reducing the packaging cost will lead to the reduction of commodity safety, which is not worth the loss. Therefore, scientific design and testing are needed to reduce packaging materials, replace or update packaging materials, so as to save packaging costs to the greatest extent. Sometimes just a few small changes can play a big role in reducing the packaging cost

(3) change the sales methods and channels, and expand the commodity sales market. Sichuan pickled mustard packaged in large jars and baskets can only be sold in domestic pickle shops; After changing to a small jar, it can be sold to Hong Kong; The pickled mustard can be sold abroad after being packaged in vacuum bags in the form of pieces, slices and silk. The innovation of packaging materials, the improvement of fresh-keeping function, quality assurance function and transportation convenience have repeatedly provided new opportunities for commodities to explore the market. In foreign countries, there is a kind of display paper frame connected with the mirror frame with rope, which solves the problem that sunglasses are easy to be stolen in supermarkets, so that sunglasses manufacturers can safely use the supermarket as a channel for sales

(4) change the fate of products. "Lunch meat" has almost lost its market because it is inconvenient for customers to open when eating. Just because of the change in packaging, it has become a "ham sausage" with an annual market of 119 billion yuan in China. In recent years, the patented design of ham sausage "easy to tear mouth" has become a powerful weapon in the market competition of a ham sausage production enterprise

packaging is a source of profit that needs to be explored by enterprises in all walks of life. "Lean packaging management" should become an indispensable professional management project for enterprises, just like enterprise production management, financial management, logistics management, etc

Second, the value of lean packaging management to packaging user enterprises

"lean packaging management" is a theoretical and operational practice system that comprehensively studies the management activities of the whole packaging chain (or the whole life cycle of packaging) according to the basic idea of "lean management". Its core is to minimize the waste of the whole packaging chain through management means

the idea of "lean packaging management" draws on the "lean production" idea of "Toyota production system", that is, use the least resources (manpower, raw materials, equipment) to produce products that customers need, or provide customers with satisfactory services. From another point of view, it is to eliminate all kinds of waste through management means. [2]

"lean packaging management" believes that there are seven kinds of waste in the whole packaging chain of the packaging user enterprise. The purpose of "lean packaging management" is to try our best to eliminate these seven kinds of waste, so that customers will no longer spend the money they should not have spent, but unconsciously spent. The seven kinds of waste are:

(1) excessive packaging waste

(2) for internal decoration, this is the waste of defective products caused by insufficient product protection due to increased pressure

(3) unnecessary waste of packaging inventory in finished paper

(4) improper packaging operation process waste

(5) non optimized waste caused by unreasonable selection of packaging materials, packaging design and packaging combination during transportation

(6) waste caused by unreasonable packaging design during storage

(7) waste caused by unreasonable packaging in the sales process

they consume resources but produce no value

"lean packaging management" regards packaging as a capability element of packaging user enterprises, and the supply chain (information supply chain management platform) in the "lean packaging management" system is to provide packaging users with suitable packaging materials in a timely and appropriate manner. When customers need packaging, they will provide it; Provide as much as the customer needs; Every penny of customers' investment in packaging is purposeful and valuable, which not only avoids waste, but also improves efficiency

the knowledge chain in the "lean packaging management" system realizes the knowledge sharing of packaging management after the sample runs to the upper jaw and goes deep into the jaw at least 4/5 length. Transform the packaging design and management knowledge in different fields into a "pattern language", and any CPS (overall packaging solution) user can share knowledge through consulting, training, using the network sharing knowledge platform, and no longer "reinvent the wheel"

"lean packaging management" system converts the optimal solutions of many packaging management links into management software, and any CPS user can enjoy the utility of advanced tools

lean packaging management runs through the production, distribution, logistics and service of packaging user enterprises, and can become a "starting point" to improve enterprise management. For example, lean packaging management can find the cost control points from production to logistics by using special packaging review tools to conduct a comprehensive packaging review of packaging user enterprises. The cost control technologies and tools provided by lean packaging management will actually involve the control of various costs of enterprises, greatly improving the level of cost control of enterprises

in order to clarify the significance of lean packaging management to packaging user enterprises more clearly, here is a more detailed introduction to the management of packaging costs

lean packaging management emphasizes the concept of "comprehensive cost" and believes that "the cost of packaging ≠ the cost of packaging". Usually, what packaging users notice is only the "cost of packaging", which includes the material cost of packaging production (such as the cost of paper), manufacturing cost and the profit of the packaging factory, while the "cost of packaging" also includes the waste of transportation costs, the waste of labor in the operation process, the loss of interior materials, the time cost of goods entering the market, the loss of brand, etc. people often ignore these hidden costs. In fact, these costs account for a larger proportion, and there is more compression space. At the same time, this concept of comprehensive cost also opens up a broad world of "cost design"

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