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1. Number of lines added

halftone addition is to specify halftone point attributes for the current gray-scale image, including number of lines added (frequency), angle of addition and point shape

when specifying the adding frequency, you should be aware that if the input number of adding lines exceeds the image resolution, the software will carry out gray-scale interpolation to supplement the missing pixels. Therefore, the best way is to ensure that the image resolution is not lower than the adding frequency to be used. For adding operations in the 45 ° direction, most of which are heavy metals, it is recommended that the image resolution is not lower than 1.5 times the number of adding lines

the number of lines added is related to many factors, such as the type and quality of paper, the registration accuracy of printing machine, printing and printing process, etc. but there is a strong and continuous fire source, which can still burn rapidly and cause a fire. Of course, the determination of the number of extra lines depends mainly on the replication accuracy. Usually, 85lpi is used for newspaper printing, and a higher number of extra lines is used for magazine printing (such as 133 or 150lpi). If you have no experience in this field when determining the number of lines, you can check with the printing factory to get the correct number of lines, and then determine it according to the requirements of the printing factory. Table 5-4-1 gives the reference values of the number of lines corresponding to different printing methods and papers

table 5-4-1 number of lines added

copy method paper type number of lines/(lines/in)

electrostatic copying non coated paper 50 ~ 60

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laser paper 50 ~ 90 coated paper 75 ~ 110

fast printing non coated paper 50 ~ 70

book paper 50 ~ 90

coated paper 75 ~ 110

offset non coated paper 85 ~ 133

paper 60 ~ 85

coated paper 120 ~ 150

high quality offset/gravure coated paper 150 ~ 300

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