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Discussion on Internet remote measurement and calibration technology

quality is the main factor that determines the competitiveness of products, and the measurement accuracy and reliability determine the quality. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the traditional value transmission and measurement calibration. Only by organically integrating interconnection and measurement and realizing remote measurement calibration, can we improve the speed, save costs, reduce prices, and improve the accuracy and reliability of measurement to a new level

II. Realization of network remote measurement calibration

network remote measurement calibration is based on the current traditional on-site measurement calibration, and then uses modern communication technology, big data computing and network visualization technology as tools for on-site auxiliary calibration. First, the measurement standard device is transported to the calibration site through the modern logistics network, and then the on-site personnel of the calibrated unit who can conduct remote operation use the video network to communicate with the verifier of the superior measurement technology institution to guide the preliminary work of calibration (such as data line connection and instrument startup operation), and then calibrate according to the procedure, The intelligent verification equipment can send the measured value in the verification back to the unit to complete the verification/calibration process; Non intelligent instruments and equipment are operated on site by staff, and then the measurement data are read through the video network. If there are professional and technical problems, you can use the network video to call experts from the superior measurement technology organization for remote consultation, and you can also connect with the after-sales engineer of the instrument for technical assistance. At the remote calibration site, there should also be omni-directional cameras to monitor the on-site calibration process, so as to prevent artificial cheating from affecting the accuracy of data. After the calibration, the certificate report is issued by the superior measurement technical institution and sent back to the calibrated unit by network. If the metrological technical institution has several sets of the same metrological verification devices, it can calibrate the calibration units in several different places at the same time. The verification personnel do not need to rush back and forth, and the metrological experts can also avoid tossing and turning, just planning strategies to take charge of the units. In addition, there is no need to worry about the error caused by the ambient temperature and humidity. It can be read remotely and transmitted in real time through the network. The verifier only needs to correct the measurement standard according to the monitoring data. After the calibration, the staff only need to send the measurement standard device back or to the designated place according to the requirements of the superior measurement technical institution. Network remote calibration can reduce the number of verifiers going to the site, but also improve the requirements for professional technology, which directly promotes the great development of measurement calibration automation. The development of interconnection promotes the progress of remote calibration, helps the verifier not only not delay the work of the unit, but also carry out measurement calibration, and provides an important guarantee for the improvement of personnel efficiency and work efficiency

the standard device used in this remote measurement and calibration method also has a certain risk, which may be damaged and cannot be reproduced due to large drift during transportation or after arriving at the calibrated unit. For this reason, the standard device should not be transported out for calibration for a long time, and can only be used after being tested and qualified by the returned unit. Therefore, the research of high stability metrological verification device is one of the primary tasks to solve the remote metrological calibration

III. inevitability and Prospect of remote metrology calibration

why should we study remote metrology calibration? With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of products. The production complexity and manufacturing difficulty of high-tech products increase, so the requirements for the measurement and calibration of production equipment also increase. However, some traditional measurement standard devices are huge and difficult to move, or cannot be moved for calibration, and some of them are high-end precision equipment. It is forbidden to move, so it increases the difficulty of value transmission and measurement calibration. Therefore, it is necessary to realize remote measurement calibration and detection based on network to reduce cost and improve calibration accuracy

the implementation of remote measurement and calibration can not only expand the detection/calibration capacity of higher-level measurement technology institutions and even national metrology institutes, but also improve the detection accuracy and ability level of grass-roots measurement technology institutions. Through remote measurement and calibration, we can not only calibrate the measuring instruments of subordinate units to obtain accurate data, but also master each action and step in the calibration process, and timely correct and guide the problems found in the calibration process, which is an effective promotion for the ability improvement of the calibrated measurement technical institutions

IV. conclusion

network remote measurement and calibration is a new field in the scientific community. While keeping pace with the times, metrologists use their wisdom to perfectly integrate the interconnection with the traditional measurement and calibration technology. They use the advanced modern communication technology in 2016 to solve the problems existing in the traditional measurement and calibration, and release the upper jaw for science and public first. It is correct, accurate Efficient measurement calibration provides practical technical support. Nowadays, the remote measurement and calibration technology has been widely used at home and abroad. Our metrologists should continue to make efforts to explore and study, and can carry out 3-point zigzag experiment, 4-point zigzag experiment, sheet metal tensile experiment, thick plate tensile experiment, strengthened steel bar tensile experiment, chain tensile experiment, fixed part experiment, connecting rod experiment, change fatigue experiment, bending torsion composite fatigue experiment, interactive zigzag fatigue experiment, CT experiment CCT experiment and gear fatigue experiment strive to improve the level of metrology calibration ability and push the development of metrology to a new level

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