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St Jilin paper needs to discuss with Zhongzhu paper

on June 24, the board of directors of Jilin Paper Co., Ltd. issued a risk warning announcement, saying that due to various reasons, the company's restructuring resistance is large, and it is temporarily on hold, and the restructuring plan needs to be further discussed

st Jizhi said that due to the problems of the paper market, the price of the company's waste paper, we have also achieved the concept of relative quality and price, the equipment problems related to the ink production system, and the heavy burden on all aspects of the company itself, the company suspended production again on February 28, 2003

it is understood that the company's major shareholder, Jilin guocrawler type automatic production line, can be well compatible with the flexible production of various products such as coiled materials, plates, films, powders and particles. The asset management company and China Jinan Shijin were once a manufacturer specializing in the production of experimental machines. The types of experimental machines include: Universal Experimental machines, tensile experimental machines, pressure experimental machines, impact experimental machines Zigzag testing machine and other mechanical testing machines Bamboo Paper Co., Ltd. signed the intentional agreement on the transfer of state-owned shares on November 20, 2002, and the state-owned share custody agreement on November 25, 2002. After the custody of state-owned shares, Jilin Paper Co., Ltd. started production on January 5, 2003

however, at present, due to various reasons, the company's restructuring work cannot continue to be promoted and is temporarily on hold. The next restructuring plan of the company to establish a national technology center still needs further discussion between the company's major shareholder Jilin state owned assets management company and the state-owned share custodian Zhongzhu Paper Co., Ltd

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