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Discussion on the networking development and utilization of China's packaging information resources

the networking development and utilization of China's packaging industry information resources not only promotes the information exchange between modern packaging industries, but also brings infinite vitality to the development and utilization of new sustainable packaging industry resources facing the 21st century. People can know the packaging information at home and abroad in time through the network, so as to promote the exchange of packaging information between regions; At the same time, through networking, various forms of packaging education can be carried out, especially distance education in the packaging industry, which can improve the knowledge and skills of employees in the packaging industry as a whole. In addition, the networking development and utilization of packaging information resources will also provide people with a wide variety of packaging business and trade information, which is conducive to the integrated and sustainable development of the packaging industry. This article makes some discussion on this

the main characteristics of the networking development and utilization of current packaging information resources

the networking of packaging information resources can be understood as the sum of information resources related to the packaging industry through the integration of computer network and Internet technology, communication technology and multimedia technology, so as to facilitate the release, query, access and utilization. As the current form of Jinan Shijin zwj-0350 cantilever impact testing machine, the main characteristics of the networking development and utilization of packaging information resources cover the following aspects:

1 Packaging information resources have rich and colorful forms

the competent departments of the packaging industry, packaging scientific research institutions, packaging colleges, packaging enterprises and relevant packaging experts and scholars in various regions of China have successively established their own Internet stations to collect, transmit and publish packaging industry information and provide packaging information services. Its main forms are text information, computer software, CD-ROM, video products, web database, etc. In terms of content, it covers a wide range, including policy documents, academic information, economic activities and business trade information of the packaging industry, as well as packaging history documents, folk packaging art, etc., which can contain the information of the packaging industry

2. Digitalization of packaging information resources at present, the packaging information on the Internet in China mainly comes from the packaging information database built by relevant packaging scientific research institutions, packaging newspapers and magazines, information of each packaging station and various packaging information obtained through Internet connection. Such information has been processed and appears on the network in digital form. Therefore, it is stored and transmitted in a digital form in the network environment. Therefore, it facilitates the automation of packaging information service means and greatly improves the efficiency of packaging information resource development

3. The regional development of packaging information resources is uneven

from the perspective of network, the development and distribution of packaging information resources in China are uneven. The economically developed coastal areas and central cities are rich in packaging information, while the economically underdeveloped areas are relatively scarce in packaging information resources. According to the 18th Internet Statistics report released by China Internet Network Information Center on July 19, 2006, as of the first half of 2006, the total number of domain names in China was about 2.95 million. The number of registered domain names in North China, East China and South China accounted for 83.6% of the total number of registered domain names, while the number of registered domain names in Northeast, southwest and northwest accounted for only 14.0% of the total number of registered domain names, accounting for a very small proportion. Due to the difference of scientific and technological level and the limitation of network infrastructure, the packaging network information resources in the western region are neglected in the coastal areas

4. The quality of packaging information resources is uneven

at present, due to the lack of a unified standard system and management mode for the construction of domestic packaging information resources, most of the packaging information resources on the Internet have not been reviewed by relevant industry institutions and departments, which makes the content and forms of packaging information resources on the Internet in China appear too messy, most of the packaging information resources on the Internet lack secondary processing, and their information quality is uneven, Serious information pollution brings inconvenience to the development and utilization of packaging information resources

5. Lack of dynamics and timeliness of packaging information resources

the packaging network facilities in some regions of China are relatively backward, the sources of resources are scarce, and the talents who are familiar with the integration of packaging information resources are insufficient. Therefore, the construction of packaging information resources in some regions is insufficient in dynamics and timeliness, lacking effective real-time updates, and unable to adapt to the rapid changes of packaging information in the current network environment, Even packaging enterprises in some regions still have the phenomenon of passive construction, passive station building and passive acceptance of information. Because the networks, stations and pages connected by current packaging information resources are constantly updating and changing, and the rapid update of interconnected information makes the establishment, replacement and extinction of packaging information resources unpredictable

6. Significant packaging characteristics

at present, various packaging colleges and some packaging professional sites have built their own packaging information resource systems, which not only reflects the "packaging" characteristics of China's packaging industry information resource construction, but also reflects the current situation of China's packaging information resource construction

Infrastructure for the networking development and utilization of packaging information resources

although the infrastructure for the networking development and utilization of packaging information resources in China started late, it developed very rapidly, especially in the late 1990s, various packaging and printing stations emerged in endlessly. According to Baidu search, as of September, 2006, there were 35million packaging stations and pages available in Baidu

China Packaging Federation, Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, Guangdong Packaging Technology Association and other packaging related institutions set up stations earlier. Among domestic packaging magazines and periodicals, China packaging, packaging engineering and packaging world were earlier. Nearly 60 packaging universities, including Hunan University of technology, Jiangnan University, Xi'an University of technology, Beijing Institute of printing and technology, Wuhan University, are packaging colleges and universities stations supported by CERNET. China's packaging education and packaging knowledge are packaging education professional sites supported by the Internet. Others, such as China packaging and greater China printing art, have also set up packaging education content on their relevant channels. There are also some creative personal packaging stations, such as "China steel drum packaging", "China Packaging site navigation" and "foreign trade packaging design". Such packaging information sites carry out resource construction on specific packaging topics, with their own characteristics. In addition, China National Packaging Corporation, Changzhou Yongsheng Packaging Co., Ltd. and China Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing corporation have all set up stations to introduce and publicize the relevant information and products of the company at their stations. Some of the company's stations also have certain preliminary e-commerce capabilities that will inevitably produce some dust in the experimental process

at present, domestic packaging e-commerce stations are increasing. In addition to the packaging e-commerce stations built by provinces and cities relying on their packaging technology associations, there are also many packaging e-commerce stations established by relevant companies. Most of these stations have basic e-commerce capabilities, have local packaging characteristics, contain extremely rich packaging business information resources, and can provide a lot of services for packaging enterprises

development strategy of networking development of packaging information resources

the purpose of networking development of packaging information resources is to use modern network and Internet technology to break the administrative region and packaging boundaries, eliminate regional barriers, and integrate packaging information resources into the whole network environment. However, compared with other industries, the construction level of information resources networking in China's packaging industry is relatively backward, with a single source of funds, weak infrastructure, low network coverage, and a very limited number of packaging information resources (mostly from relevant domestic packaging media and magazines); In addition, the market management concept is weak, and the management mechanism of planning, coordination, operation and service is lacking. It is impossible to establish a consistent agreement for information storage, acquisition and dissemination. The information content is complex and chaotic, and resource sharing is difficult to become a reality. In order to promote the further development of packaging information networking, in view of the existing adverse factors, practical and effective measures need to be taken:

1 Establish an information management organization of the packaging industry

establish an authoritative information management organization of the packaging industry, so as to organize different types of stations to participate in the network construction and assign the responsibilities of each packaging station. At the same time, strengthen the management functions of local packaging organizations, scientific research institutes and packaging colleges, formulate information protocols, unify digital information or record format standards, and make the construction of packaging information resources develop in an organized and orderly manner, so as to lay a solid foundation for the establishment of a scientific management system for the networking of packaging information resources

2. Improve the network infrastructure conditions in some areas

by improving the computer hardware configuration, comprehensively improve the broadband and speed up the network transmission rate, open up local area and in Internet information transmission channels in some areas, so that the information networks in some relatively backward areas can be fully supported and guaranteed in terms of technology and facilities, and form an open and relatively independent operation system, Provide the guarantee of material basis for the networking and sustainable development of packaging information resources

3. Strengthen the construction of "packaging" characteristic information resources

at present, domestic packaging stations operate independently and are relatively scattered, which makes the organization of packaging information relatively disordered. We can consider the joint operation and information integration of packaging stations, especially local packaging stations, so as to form a packaging information resource system, and organize, collect and share information through the central organization. Therefore, the construction of packaging information resources should strengthen the construction of packaging characteristic information resources, attach great importance to the organic connection between packaging information resource system, information retrieval system and information transmission system, and ensure that all packaging stations are connected to form an effective packaging information resource system, which provides technical support for the construction of characteristic information resources

4. Network information service highlighting packaging characteristics

deeply tap the packaging information resources of various regions, provide local information with packaging characteristics, and carry out characteristic information services. For example, looking for information about "packaging education", packaging set up by scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, hoping that how to install the above-mentioned concrete pressure testing machine and the introduction of the operating procedures of the equipment can bring you help. Academic dissertations, scientific and technological reports, industries, information, etc. of the discipline can be gathered together, subject indexes can be compiled, and they can be organized and integrated through hypertext markup language, Form a complete and distinctive "packaging education site" to enhance the penetration of packaging information resources, such as the construction of packaging education in China

5. Strengthen the construction of packaging information resource database

among the various databases established by domestic information institutions, the types of databases that are exclusive to packaging information are relatively few. Based on this, local packaging information institutions should consider selecting compatible automated database management systems to ensure convenient interconnection between branch systems, store and connect digital packaging information resources, and share resources with other institutions to form a rich packaging information resource database, so as to maximize the sharing and utilization of domestic packaging information resources

6. Establish a scientific packaging information resource guarantee system

in China's packaging information resource sites, due to the different subordinate relationships of each station and network, there will be great differences in equipment conditions, the number of types of information resources and so on, because

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