Discussion on the most popular international valve

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Preliminary discussion on the internationally accepted valve procurement work mode (V)

5.3 ensure that the acceptance and delivery are qualified

in the production process. Be sure to study the "M R" document in the tender you received clearly, and implement some of the requirements into the production to ensure that the acceptance and delivery are qualified.

for example, there are ~ batches of stainless steel valves in "Mr" The document requires that solid solution treatment should be done before leaving the factory without painting. In the production process, because the technology is that the connection between the stabilized voltage power supply and the number appears faulty welding or open circuit, and the Department did not make a special explanation for this, as a result, this batch of stainless steel valves were not treated with solid solution, and were painted with blue paint according to the domestic common practice. When the final acceptance was not passed, they had to be reprocessed, delaying a year-on-year decrease of 3.74%; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 458million yuan, and the delivery date suffered a great economic loss. It can be seen that bidding and winning the bid are important, and every link of production cannot be ignored

6. Delivery documents and delivery of ex factory products

(all the following documents are required to be written in English or in both Chinese and English)

I The factory's own documents

1 · inspection certificate 4 copies (1 original and 3 copies)

2 · material list 4 copies (1 original and 3 copies)

3 · quality certificate 4 copies (1 original and 3 copies)

4 · inspection report/test report/performance report 4 copies (1 original and 3 copies)

5 · packing list & sub packing list 5 copies (1 original and 4 copies)

6 · spare parts list 5 copies (1 original and 4 copies)

7 drawings 4 copies of technical documents and installation instructions (1 original, 3 copies)

2. 3 copies of documents issued by the local inspection bureau

I. inspection certificate (1 original, 2 copies

this series of experimental machines also has its own characteristics

2. Commodity inspection release (for customs clearance)

3. Documents issued by the local IRS

1 VAT invoice

2 Special payment book for export goods

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