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The application of ANSYS in CAE of construction machinery

why should we choose the analysis and simulation software

CAE Technology in the field of construction machinery has been widely and successfully applied. As the most comprehensive and effective ANSYS software with the largest number of users in the world, it is used in caterpillar, JCB, Volvo, Komatsu, bobcat, Letourneau, Shanghai port machinery Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd. and Huanan shipbuilding Machinery Co., Ltd. have been widely used in the design and manufacturing of well-known construction machinery plants at home and abroad. As a comprehensive partner of ANSYS, caterpillar company's latest research achievement, 992g loader loaded on the front end of single cast steel arm, has applied ANSYS software as its most important analysis and evaluation means in the design stage. It is 30% lighter than the traditional double arm structure and has the same strength

ANSYS and mechanical engineering industry

cooperation between ANSYS and famous construction machinery manufacturers at home and abroad

the research and development of ANSYS has always been enterprise oriented and has many users in the field of construction machinery. Through their cooperation with ANSYS, they have benefited in the development of new products, the reconstruction of old products, the design and optimization of processing technology. Through the simulation analysis of virtual prototype of ANSYS, enterprises have shortened the development cycle of new products It improves the quality level of products, reduces the consumption of raw materials, and improves the manufacturing technology. ANSYS also has mature applications in the loader design and manufacturing industry. Here are some representative examples to briefly introduce the application of ANSYS in some famous construction machinery manufacturers

caterpillar is a famous supplier of construction machinery and equipment, and also the world's most famous loader supplier with incomparable advantages compared with other ports. Since purchasing ANSYS in July 1996, the company has made a lot of analysis with ANSYS, and has purchased additional ANSYS software for several years, and has made great cooperation with ANSYS company in its product design. ANSYS is widely used in the design of the new generation caterpillar992g and 994 series loaders for analysis and simulation, so that these products have made achievements in the rationality and progressiveness of the structural form, saving the cost of physical model test, material substitution, reducing the weight of the whole machine, strengthening the safety and shortening the product development cycle. At present, the larger 996 loader under development also uses ANSYS

992g loader (left), the largest 994d loader at present (right)

Anton, an engineer of caterpillar When recalling the experience of using ANSYS for several years, Arden Baldwin said, "this is a dream come true. When it is handed over to competent engineers, it is an amazing and terrible design tool." ("This is sort of a dream come true. When put in the hands of a capable engineer, this is a terrific design tool.")。

JCB is a British company. It is a world-famous supplier of bulldozers and material handling machinery. ANSYS has always played an important role in the structural design of JCB. Designers build the ideas of various structural forms in the conceptual design stage into ANSYS, and then quickly solve and analyze the other door. Through the direct and clear post-processing function of ANSYS, they can easily compare and select the results calculated by various design ideas, and then get the most suitable design in terms of economy, safety, comfort and craftsmanship. This design process is widely used in the design of chassis, frame, boom (boom), rotating system, connecting shaft and other structures and components of JCB products. Rod Latham, Senior Application Engineer of JCB in charge of new product design, said about ANSYS: "after using ANSYS, we can make rapid and effective analysis, so that JCB can quickly respond to new design concepts that can continuously improve our machines." ("Thanks to the use of ANSYS, we are able to perform analysis quickly and cost-effectively. JCB, as always, can respond quickly to any new design philosophy which assures that the functionality of our machines is continuously enhanced.")。

Shanghai Port Machinery Co., Ltd. (SPMC) is the largest supplier of port machinery in China. It produces various types of large port bulk cargo and container handling machinery all over the world. Since the 1980s, CAE simulation analysis has been playing an important role in the company's production design. 1. Select the non cutting rectangular specimen: the non cutting rectangular specimen is the comprehensive effect of tear initiation and tear expansion, The reliability and economy of its structural design are ensured by CAE analysis. In the late 1990s, with the development of port machinery in the direction of super large size and high complexity of structure and function, as well as the company's world-oriented development strategy, facing the technical design requirements of complex products and the strict requirements of European and American buyers for design analysis assurance, the company's original CAE software has been unable to meet the requirements. SPMC purchased ANSYS software in 1998. ANSYS software is widely used in the structural design of SPMC products, such as four link boom system, gantry, A-frame, container crane girder, door frame, cab, machine room and so on. The products designed by the company have won national science and technology awards for many times. The world's first MQ2000 overhead gantry crane and Qingdao port 1600 bucket wheel ore unloader specially designed for the pouring of the Three Gorges dam are the world's first, which is worth mentioning, According to Shang Weijun, director of the CAE Department of the company, the patented technology of MQ2000 overhead gantry crane -- gantry jacking quick connector, which was analyzed by ANSYS, saved 1.3 million yuan and two weeks of development time for the company at that time

four link boom system in the analysis of MQ2000 overhead gantry crane

SPMC summarizes the application of ANSYS software in the company in the proprietary technology of its station in the following four aspects:

ANSYS is widely used in the following four fields of our factory at present

a. product design and development, such as waigao bridge crane, 2000 light bridge crane, BIW series gantry crane, Yantai bridge crane, etc., are analyzed by ANSYS

b. manufacturing process, such as the determination of the camber of the front girder of the bridge crane, the collaborative process of several gantry cranes in the process of general assembly, etc

c. shipment reinforcement, such as the shipment reinforcement scheme of BIW gantry crane, the shipment reinforcement scheme analysis of Myanmar gantry crane and Vietnam bridge crane, etc

d. maintenance and reconstruction, such as the maintenance and reconstruction plan of the old gantry crane and bridge crane, and the evaluation of the bearing capacity

ansys can provide strong help for the development and research of construction machinery products

ansys is a comprehensive analysis system, which is committed to comprehensively solving the problems encountered in the design, research and improvement of enterprise products. It has a wide support group in the field of construction machinery, and has accumulated a lot of successful application experience, The following is a specific introduction to the role that ANSYS software can play in the product design and manufacturing process of Yuchai construction machinery

appropriate CAE software or CAE solution should meet the following requirements:

● the analysis results should be accurate, and the settlement results should really play a real role in design and development

● with optimization function

● easy to use, CAE software must be engineering

● seamless connection with existing CAD software

at present, construction machinery manufacturers use a variety of three-dimensional CAD design software. ANSYS has a two-way interface with all popular CAD software, so that CAE software and CAD software can be completely seamlessly connected. Moreover, the results of CAE analysis can be transferred to CAD software, so that the optimization results can be directly generated into CAD models, which is very convenient for enterprise research and development

structural statics analysis of construction machinery structures and their components

the loads received by construction machinery in the whole operation cycle include the self weight of the structure itself, the weight of materials, and the traction, braking and rotary inertia forces of operation. Through the static analysis of ANSYS, designers can have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the strength, stiffness and buckling stability of the designed structure under the load determined by each working condition. According to the distribution results of displacement and stress on the structure obtained by calculation, combined with the corresponding design standards or specifications, judge the reliability and economy of the designed structure, and on this basis, improve or optimize the design, so as to avoid some structures or parts from being damaged due to excessive stress or buckling instability, and control the rigidity of the whole mechanical structure and its parts. Its characteristic is easy to control performance. In addition, for those areas with small stress and insufficient utilization of structural materials, the thickness of material plate can be thinned and the section size can be reduced in combination with the actual situation of processing and manufacturing technology, so as to achieve the cost reduction control in the design stage

the whole machine is assembled by multiple components through bolts, hinges, gears, etc., and the contact relationship between components cannot be ignored in the accurate analysis of local areas. ANSYS has powerful and easy to realize complex nonlinear analysis functions such as automatic surface to surface contact and point to surface contact, as well as special units such as bolts, connecting rods, ropes, etc., so it can It is a unique function of ANSYS software to accurately analyze the overall structure connected by binding or pin, so as to obtain reliable conclusions

Dynamic Analysis of construction machinery structure and its parts

construction machinery structure bears a certain dynamic excitation load in the working process. The transient (time history) analysis of ANSYS can be used to quantitatively determine whether the mechanical structure can bear these loads and how long the bearing life is. At the same time, the harmonic response analysis, single point and multi-point response spectrum analysis, random vibration analysis and other dynamic analysis functions of ANSYS can calculate the response of various components of the mechanical system under the above excitation loads in a very simple way. For excavation and loading mechanical equipment, the vibration frequency and amplitude of the cab in the working process should be controlled within a certain range to avoid affecting the working efficiency of the driver. Through the dynamic analysis of ANSYS, the frequency and amplitude response of the cab in the working process can be obtained, and then the rationality of the dynamic design of the cab structure can be judged

fatigue analysis and optimization design of the overall structure of construction machinery and its components

during the typical working cycle of excavation, luffing, rotation, operation and unloading of excavation equipment, the main components such as boom, connecting rod and support are prone to fatigue under the effect of alternating stress. In addition, a large number of structural components of construction machinery use welds in the manufacturing process, and welds are often the origin of expansion cracks, The advanced fatigue analysis program of ANSYS can well solve the fatigue life prediction of base metal and weld. The stress data of fatigue calculation and the determination of safety buckle and ejection stroke are based on the data of static calculation. The data of static calculation are added to the stress time history in proportion, and then used for fatigue calculation. In addition, for weld fatigue analysis, bs7608 British structural fatigue design code is solidified in ansys/fe-safe, which can effectively calculate the fatigue of welds

ansys structural optimization includes parameter optimization, shape optimization and sensitivity optimization. When the designer specifies a design goal, then through the optimization analysis of ANSYS, the designer can know what method to change the structure to achieve the predetermined goal, and give the sensitivity of various modification methods. In the fierce market competition

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