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Application of anti-counterfeiting technology in steel drum packaging

during the period of 3.15, LANLIAN Feitian lubricating oil company launched the action against "fake Feitian" lubricating oil. Lanzhou lubricating oil general factory sent 170 people to assist the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision in cracking down on counterfeits in the market, and investigated and dealt with many fake and inferior products in the market. Judging from the sales situation of Lanzhou lubricating oil factory in recent months, the crackdown on counterfeiting has indeed made great achievements and won back a large market share for Lanzhou lubricating oil factory

however, with the popularity of 3D printing technology in various industries, due to the misleading publicity during the crackdown on counterfeiting, it has also brought some adverse reactions to its packaging steel drum manufacturers. For example, several reports at that time pointed out that in addition to the old steel drums and the trademark of LANLIAN Feitian printed by letting him automatically stop filling oil, a new steel drum with the product production certificate was also found at the scene of a certain petrochemical plant. As a steel barrel manufacturer, there is no reason not to sell steel barrels when customers come to buy them. As for what products the customer uses this steel drum to hold, except for special requirements, the general customer will only tell you that it is used to hold oil or chemical products. When manufacturing steel drums for users, the only thing that can be checked is that users carefully check the relevant certificates provided by users when they are required to print trademarks, factory names, etc. on the steel drums. Those who cannot provide legal certificates will not be printed. However, some illegal businesses buy steel drums without printing and print them by themselves, which is impossible to prevent

a few days ago, the author had the honor to accompany a friend to visit her eldest sister, who happened to work in an oil company run by a private boss. After I went with her, out of my professional habits, I was immediately attracted by the oil barrels of their company. When I was talking with my friend and sister, I went to the working area of the company and talked with the production workers. According to the oil distribution technicians and the on-site filling workers, the quality of the lubricating oil they produced was not bad, but they were hindered in the market sales because they had no brand or were not famous brands. In order to speed up the capital turnover and occupy market share, they embezzled the brand of the famous brand product "LANLIAN Feitian". As the intermediate link of oil sales, in order to make greater profits, they are also willing to sell more "LANLIAN Feitian" lubricants produced by small enterprises like them. As an end-user, it doesn't matter as long as it is cheaper and the quality is OK without affecting its performance because it can't identify the true and false. As everyone knows, its behavior seriously infringed the interests of "LANLIAN Feitian" lubricating oil, and also caused serious damage to the manufacturer of its packaging steel barrel

then, how can the interests of both barrel manufacturers and steel barrel users be protected? Next, we will analyze the anti-counterfeiting technology

I. Development of anti-counterfeiting technology in China

in recent years, China's anti-counterfeiting technology has developed rapidly. Many products use the latest high-tech means to continuously increase their technical content, such as digital information anti-counterfeiting, nuclear micropore technology, ink printing, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology and other anti-counterfeiting means have been applied in different fields to varying degrees. According to statistics, at present, China has tens of thousands of products, and tens of billions of goods have adopted different anti-counterfeiting technologies and products, which have played their due role in maintaining social and economic order

at present, some units in China have also developed a number of unique anti-counterfeiting technologies in China, which are not only in the leading position in the world, but also play an important role in anti-counterfeiting in some important industries and fields. It is generally favored in the domestic anti-counterfeiting product market. Recently, a "ID code anti-counterfeiting system" has been launched, which integrates high and new technologies such as computer science, wireless communication, information security and cryptography. According to the principle of random irregularity, enterprises independently generate a group of numbers, which correspond to the relevant information of the product, such as product information, quality inspection information, sales information, price information, production information, etc, It is equivalent to issuing a unique ID card for each product, so as to penetrate the anti-counterfeiting performance of the product into the basic attributes of the product. Then, with the information exchange network covering the whole country, consumers can use, SMS, Internet or terminal methods to query the authenticity, complain and report, and accumulate purchase points in the database. Using enterprises can crack down on counterfeiting, accept complaints, improve quality, control fake and shoddy products, adjust logistics and carry out integral promotion activities according to the inquiry information. Another unique advantage of this digital information anti-counterfeiting technology is that when used in combination with other anti-counterfeiting measures, there is no need to constantly change the anti-counterfeiting method, because the "product ID" itself is the only one. Not long ago, China successfully adopted laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, ink printing and other anti-counterfeiting technologies combined with digital technology to form a new comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology product, which is regarded as a major breakthrough in China's anti-counterfeiting industry

Second, what measures should steel barrel enterprises adopt to prevent counterfeiting

previously, we introduced the current development of anti-counterfeiting technology in China and its application in various industries. In fact, anti-counterfeiting technology can be applied to all links of our lives. The "ID code anti-counterfeiting system" mentioned above was used in the anti-counterfeiting of the shoe industry a few years ago. For example, if you buy a pair of "Fuguiniao" leather shoes, you can check whether the leather shoes you buy are genuine products produced by "Fuguiniao" manufacturers, etc

but how can these anti-counterfeiting technologies be used on steel drums? This requires the joint efforts of the steel barrel user and the steel barrel manufacturer, because adding anti-counterfeiting signs to the steel barrel will definitely increase the cost of the steel barrel. At present, the steel price in the market remains high, and the steel barrel manufacturer has been overwhelmed, so it may be difficult to bear this cost. What should I do? This requires the support of steel drum manufacturers and increases certain costs. According to the economic situation of steel barrel users, different anti-counterfeiting technologies are adopted. For example, manufacturers with strong economic strength can spray anti-counterfeiting paint (this method has high cost), spray texture anti-counterfeiting, discoloration anti-counterfeiting, etc. during steel barrel coating production. General customers can use anti-counterfeiting labels (such as anti-counterfeiting certificate), anti-counterfeiting ink printing and other anti-counterfeiting methods. In addition, the steel barrel is in the hands of the customer. After filling the real object, the customer can adopt several methods such as gb7001 ⑴ 986 code invisible anti-counterfeiting, laser anti-counterfeiting, pressure-sensitive anti-counterfeiting, code anti-counterfeiting, etc. according to the situation of the filling object

III. The role of anti-counterfeiting technology in the development of steel drums

with the further expansion of foreign trade, steel drums, as the main member of metal packaging, will become more and more important. Judging from the development of the steel barrel industry in the past two years, the proportion of steel barrels in the national economy is on the rise. It will be exported to all parts of the world with the export of China's petrochemical products and agricultural and sideline products. The good market prospect will certainly make some criminals take illegal means to make huge profits. So how can we prevent such things from happening? As a steel barrel manufacturer, we should first try our best to prevent our products from being counterfeited; Secondly, in the production process, we should actively adopt new technologies and processes to prevent our products from being counterfeited by others. The third is to adopt certain methods for anti-counterfeiting of ex factory products. Once there is a problem, you can first determine whether the product is produced by your own factory, so as to protect your legitimate rights and interests

a few days ago, I talked with a friend of the Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision about the anti-counterfeiting of steel barrels. He was deeply touched. He said that in the past two years, he worked in the Inspection Brigade of the Bureau of quality and technical supervision, specializing in the fight against counterfeits. He said that there are many counterfeit steel drums of your factory in the market, especially the steel drums that users require to print iron and words, which can be said to be exactly the same, and it is difficult to distinguish. Your factory can sinter the steel ball with the collet and even with the upper cone seat Do you want to use anti-counterfeiting technology to distinguish them when printing words and iron

this matter touches me greatly, because the non-standard market behavior will lead to the rise and fall of an industry. To this end, I visited several printing plants and ink manufacturers to discuss this matter with them. The boss of a printing factory told me that a few years ago, he wanted to buy a printing machine that could print anti-counterfeiting labels, but he was unable to make up his mind because no one responded. If he can get the support of government departments, he can purchase equipment immediately. He has already done Market Research and knows that this is also the development direction of printing enterprises; Anti counterfeiting ink is also very easy. They can provide it at any time, but the cost will be higher. I'm afraid that the barrel making enterprises can't afford it at present

in order to standardize the operation order of the market, combat the unfair competition of criminals, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of production enterprises and consumers, the adoption of anti-counterfeiting technology on steel barrels will be a trend for steel barrel enterprises to develop and grow in the future

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