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The application of Air Twister in the twisting technology of non elastic core spun yarn

with the increasing competition in the textile market, Shandong Xinxian Feitai Textile Group Co., Ltd. has increased its scientific research and development efforts, and successively developed and produced many new products, such as slub yarn, soybean protein fiber yarn, bamboo fiber core spun yarn and other special fibers, which has increased the added value of the products. In particular, the recently developed cj13 special (fdy50d) non elastic cotton polyester filament core spun yarn has been recognized by users, but there are problems of joint strength and fiber coating after splicing in barrel yarn splicing. For this reason, the technical personnel of the company have made a technical breakthrough and achieved good results. Now we talk about some experience and suggestions on the application of Air Twister in the twisting technology of non elastic core spun yarn

air splicer is a new type of equipment used to connect yarn in winding and other processes in textile industry. It can replace the traditional weaving knot and self tightening knotter to obtain high-quality spliced yarn without knots, which has significant economic and social benefits for improving the quality and production efficiency of yarn and fabric

fc30, but at least 10 inches away. 5 the use of oscillating air splicer is mainly to adjust the three process parameters of air splicer: first, splicing time, that is, to control the splicing time of untwisting and twisting of a joint; The second is the splicing length, that is, the overlapping length of the yarn. The length and thickness of the spliced joint can be changed by adjusting the moving distance of the pull-out pieces on both sides; Third, if there is any doubt about the untwisting air volume, that is, different untwisting effects can be achieved to a certain extent by adjusting the air volume

the splicer puts two yarns, namely, the barrel yarn and the tube yarn, in a double-sided cross state, into the splicing cavity to open the working air path, and the two ends of the yarn are clamped by the yarn gripper and the yarn gripper respectively. At the same time, the waste yarn is cut and the splicing cavity cover is closed. At this time, the untwisting air circuit is opened, and the yarn head of the cut yarn is sucked into the untwisting oscillator. Under the action of high-pressure air flow, the oscillating plate generates high-frequency oscillation, and the yarn head is violently dialed in the oscillator to untwist the yarn. At the same time, the floating fiber at the end of the yarn is blown away by the high-speed air flow. The untwisted yarn head exits the untwisting oscillator after the yarn pulling action, and the two untwisted yarn heads overlap in the splicing cavity. Common fault 1: spray high-pressure air flow in the splicing cavity, and then mix, stack and twist the two yarn heads. At this time, the splicing process is reset, and the spliced yarn exits from the splicing cavity, that is, a splicing action procedure is completed

fc309 Air Twister uses the sawtooth vibrator in the untwisting tube to untwist and comb the yarn from top to bottom through the strong rotating air flow opposite to the loose yarn of the yarn, so that the fiber can be filled and separated. There are several 10 loose fibers in the large plastic market, and then twist joints through the splicing cavity. The untwisting effect of yarn head directly affects the quality appearance and strength of yarn joint. If the untwisting is excessive, the yarn in the splicing area will be too thin and the strength will be low; If untwisting is poor, the twisting area is too small, the strength is low, and the hairiness at both ends of the splice is large. Only a good untwisting effect can ensure a high-quality and good appearance splicing effect

the poor twisting quality performance of cj13 special (fdy50d) non elastic cotton wrapped polyester filament core spun yarn developed by Shandong Xinxian Feitai Textile Group Co., Ltd. is mainly due to the slippery surface of polyester filament, poor cohesion and low friction coefficient, which are not conducive to splicing. If the cotton fiber length is different, strong cohesion and high friction coefficient will facilitate splicing. In view of the phenomenon of good untwisting of cotton fiber and poor untwisting of polyester filament during untwisting, Shandong Xinxian Feitai Textile Group Co., Ltd. has the above problems to varying degrees when using fc305 air splicer connector, which affects the product quality. Therefore, in order to ensure high-quality yarn twisting, the company adopts fc309 strong air untwist tube air splicer produced by Shanghai Xingfang industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. A comparative test was carried out between fc305 and fc309 splicers. The technical parameter data showed that the retained strength R value of fc309 splicer after splicing was 76%, which was better than fc305, and the splice strength variation coefficient of fc309 was 14.1%, which was also better than fc305, indicating that fc309 spliced well and spliced stably. The data after adjusting the splicing time and air compression pressure show that the retention strength R value of fc309 Air Twister after splicing has been significantly improved, and the coefficient of variation has been further improved, which is more prominent compared with fc305. This scheme solves the problem of non elastic core spun yarn joint of Shandong Xinxian Feitai Textile Group Co., Ltd. and ensures the yarn quality

the performance of new fiber materials depends on the selection of new yarn splicing technology. The fc309 cyclone air splicer developed by Shanghai Xingfang industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. adopts the strong cyclone untwisting method, which is conducive to the untwisting of high twist yarn, and the splicing strength is stable. It is suitable for the knot free connection of cotton, cotton wrapped polyester, wool, chemical fiber, blending and cellulose fibers (viscose, Tencel, modal, soybean fiber, bamboo fiber) and single yarn. Fc309 air splicer has found the best splicing technical measures by optimizing the technical parameters of splicer selection, ensuring the yarn quality, which is worthy of recommendation

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