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Application of art coatings in different styles of buildings

Application of art coatings in different styles of buildings

January 4, 2013

[China paint information] due to the diversity of art coatings, they can be suitable for a variety of architectural styles, showing extraordinary decorative effects, and are highly welcomed and respected by people. Now let's talk about the application of art paint in unknown architectural style. I hope you can benefit

art coatings originated in Europe, and advanced technology has also spread from Europe to all over the world

palace style of European architecture

palace style emphasizes the luxurious style of carved beams and painted buildings, which is characterized by symmetrical and complex modeling and the pursuit of curvaceous beauty. Artistic sculpture columns, round door openings, large lattice doors and windows, back word walls, wide internal corner lines, and a large number of crystal chandeliers, marble and relief decorative patterns. The representative styles of European palace architecture mainly include Gothic architecture, Renaissance architecture, Baroque architecture and Rococo architecture

color selection: hue is the key to this style. Wuhan has made great achievements in overcoming the world's difficulties in the detection of nano scale film materials - "Hubei Engineering Laboratory for physical property detection technology of functional film materials" has been listed and established in Wuhan future science and technology city. All of them adopt warm colors, mainly golden yellow, reddish brown and Tan

materials: colored stone paint, sandstone, dream painting, retro paint, Malay paint, etc,

Mediterranean style of European architecture

style: the remarkable characteristics of Mediterranean style architecture are the rough style of slovenness, lime mud walls, continuous arcades and arches, ceramic tiles, sea blue tiles, doors and windows, creating a romantic feeling of azure, and the pure beauty of the sea and sky, sunny and natural

1. Arched romantic space

circular arches and cloisters usually adopt several connections or vertical connections, and there is an extended perspective in walking and viewing. Most of the walls in the home use half chiseling or full chiseling to shape the indoor window in the scene

2. Pure and beautiful color scheme

due to the slight change in mold filling rate, the color characteristic of the Mediterranean is that it does not need to be artificial, and the natural color appears. Three typical color combinations: blue and white, yellow; Blue purple and green; Earthy yellow and reddish brown

3. Slovenly lines

lines appear more natural, forming a unique round shape whether it is furniture or architecture. The result of inadvertent painting and finishing of white walls also becomes a special irregular surface

4. Unique decoration method

try to use wooden furniture with low color, simple lines and rounded edges. The ground is mostly paved with terracotta or slate. Mosaic Inlay and collage are relatively gorgeous decorations in the Mediterranean style. It mainly uses small stones, ceramic tiles, shellfish, glass pieces, glass beads and other materials, and then carries out creative combination after cutting. The simple and elegant small Pinstripe lattice pattern is the main style. The unique wrought iron furniture is also a unique aesthetic product of Mediterranean style. Climbing vines and green potted plants are common household plants

material selection: colored stone paint, thick retro paint, texture paint, sand scraping, sandstone, etc

modern style of European architecture (Nordic style)

style: postmodern style, also known as freestyle style, is a simple style, which is highly generalized in design. It is mainly geometric, "less is more", and pursues asymmetric arrangement. The lines are concise, which forms a strong contrast with the traditional decoration. It pays attention to leisure, pursues the warmth of home, and the treatment method of paving large pieces of surface and decorating local parts is its main theme

color selection: the collocation of strong contrast colors is bright and bold, and heavy makeup is forbidden.

material selection: colored stone paint, fiber wall cloth, art base material, thick paste texture Ge mud paint, cloud paint, retro paint, Malay paint, etc.

the sum of Oriental Architecture (Japanese style)

Japanese architectural style is an important branch of Oriental style, with deep cultural heritage, so it has its uniqueness in the art of room decoration, and has very high requirements for decoration, The items set up need to have a certain cultural flavor. The main feature of the flat and concise interior decoration is that the natural materials such as paper, wood and bamboo are the embodiment of this style

color selection: mainly soft, with the natural color of paper and mats, and configured with porcelain, calligraphy and painting, which looks simple and natural

materials: diatom mud, Malay paint, colored stone paint, colorful stone, texture paint, etc.

Chinese classical style of oriental architecture

most oriental countries have a deep cultural heritage, so they have their own uniqueness in the art of room decoration, which is irreplaceable by other styles. The Oriental style has very high requirements for furnishings, and the items set up need to have a certain cultural flavor. The large ones such as cabinets, tables and chairs, and the small ones such as porcelain and pendants have a certain age or a considerable technological level, and the interior decoration ranks second. Classical Chinese decoration has its freshness in each dynasty. 3. Power switch: check whether the switching power indicator light is bright, such as the solemnity of the Tang Dynasty, the simplicity of the Ming Dynasty, the carved beams and painted buildings of the Qing Dynasty, etc. now the classical decoration often collects the essence of each dynasty, and is configured with porcelain, calligraphy and painting, etc. in the arrangement of experimental grounding wires, the following protective measures should also be taken: it appears simple, natural or elegant

material selection: diatom mud, crystal stone, thick paste texture Ge mud coating, water-based metallic paint, gold and silver foil, etc.

color selection: gold silver, yellow, brown, brown, etc.

architectural style is the embodiment of people's lifestyle, which represents the owner's taste and personality

the most important thing in design is the unity of style. Remember not to express any style. In the end, there is no style, and it has become a failure of design! Please keep this in mind

first, a variety of decorative elements are gathered in the same space, so that there is no unified style in the room

1. Uncoordinated patchwork of various favorite elements

2. If it is a villa, the style of each floor is also inconsistent

2. Improper collocation of various colors makes the room fall into the rut

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