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The application of Atlas Copco generator set in the exploration industry

the application of Atlas Copco generator set in the exploration industry

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with the 2014 Miss Universe election in full swing, Miss Xu naiqing from Henan, China, won the crown at the age of 19 and was awarded Miss Universe China 2014. For a time, all kinds of hot words were searched, and "little fresh" became a hot topic again. Do you know that there is also a "small fresh" in the construction machinery industry? Today, let's take you to analyze:

on China's vast land, there is such a geological exploration team that has been fighting in the field for many years and silently exploring mineral resources for us. In the harsh natural environment, in addition to colleagues, they are accompanied by those exploration equipment that operate all day, so geological exploration equipment is particularly important. These equipment must have stable and reliable performance and high production efficiency, and become the most loyal and reliable partner of geological prospectors

Atlas Copco generator set

in recent years, the emergence of a new type of generator set has brought a fresh wind to the traditional simple and bulky geological exploration field. This is Atlas Copco qax series portable generator set. The geological exploration team subordinate to a drilling engineering company in Northeast China selected a qax30 generator set with a common power of 24kw to supply power for small equipment such as mixing barrels, electric water pumps, cutting saws, night lights, etc. in its exploration project in Inner Mongolia; The geological exploration team equipped with electric drilling rigs needs more powerful generator sets to provide power for them. Then, all of them are generator sets that output a certain voltage and current. Why can Atlas Copco generator set win the reputation of "small fresh"

Atlas Copco generator set is specially designed for field construction. Geological exploration construction is mostly located in mountains, forests or grasslands in the wild, with unpredictable weather and bad working conditions. Although the hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the generator set drives the high-pressure gear pump into the oil circuit through the machine and electricity, which is not the direct construction equipment of geological exploration, as the only power supply on the construction site, with the slight rise of the steel market in early August, it needs to work continuously for more than 20 hours under various adverse environmental conditions every day, and for months every year, which is also a necessary guarantee for the normal progress of geological exploration construction

The design, configuration and performance of qax30 mobile generator set are specially tailored for the harsh working conditions of similar geological exploration:

high strength steel box structure, solid and durable, with longer service life

mobile trailer chassis, which saves time and effort in transportation

The noise value at

7m is 65dB (a), creating a relatively quiet construction environment

the maintenance cycle is up to 500 hours, shortening the downtime and saving maintenance costs

heavy duty parts ensure long-term trouble free operation

users are full of praise for the performance of qax30 generator set, especially the fuel economy. According to users, the fuel consumption of qax30 generator set is lower than that of other models with the same power currently in use, which also makes users more truly feel the long-term sustainable return on investment brought by Atlas Copco generator set

Atlas Copco generator set is in the exploration industry, but the abandonment, recycling and regeneration of many composite materials have brought increasingly serious environmental problems. The application of industry should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is vertical. This fresh wind has also blown to the vast areas of northwest and southwest China, and more and more geological exploration teams are beginning to choose Atlas Copco generator set. We believe that the more difficult places are, the more we need such "small fresh" equipment with low energy consumption, stable and reliable performance and strong durability. "Xiaoqingxin" will also continue to look back on its obligations and conscientiously provide a steady stream of power for the geological exploration industry

Atlas Copco was founded in 1873. Its construction technology business provides construction and demolition tools, mobile compressors, pumps and generator sets, lighting vehicles and compaction and paving equipment, with businesses all over the world. Atlas Copco generator set has emerged in many large-scale projects with its "predictable power", such as the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, military training exercises, major municipal companies, etc. The existing product models are mainly divided into three categories: portable generator set, silent generator set and container generator set, which are mainly suitable for outdoor construction applications such as quarrying, mining, oil, natural gas, municipal administration, military, construction and leasing

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