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5 Chinese firms win award for innovative tech to lower emissions Photography enthusiasts take pictures of the Forbidden City, a popular tourism spot, in Beijing, Aug 6, 2017. [Photo/IC]

Five Chinese companies' innovative low-carbon technologies have won the WWF Climate Solver Honor of 2019, for their high potential in emission reductions, WWF China recently announced.

WWF initiated the sixth Climate Solver competition in China in January, focusing on low-carbon innovative technologies that enjoy revolutionary potential for greenhouseit had an atmospheric pressure of 955 hectopascals at its center and was packing winds of up to 216 km per hour gas emission reductions, which covered sectors such as construction and life, renewable energy, transportation, foundational support and energy access.

Through open and transparent procedures and examinations, the panel, based on innovation, maturity, potential for emission reductions and economy, selected the five winning technologies. They are isolated lightning protection and grounding technology, technology to manufacture nano energy-saving lamps by recycling waste and old lamp tubes, waterless continuous dyeing technology and equipment using dispersion dyes, user-side voltage quality optimization technology based on regulation of electromagnetic balance, and technology to replace Freon with CO2 for foaming to manufacture environmentally friendly extruded plastic sheets.

If the above five technologies share a specific proportion in the market by 2029 as expected, CO2 emissions will hopefully be reduced by over 300 million tons each year, according to WWF China.

The Climate Solver program was initiated by WWF-Sweden in 2008 and introduced to China in 2011. So far, this program has awarded 112 technologies globally, with 29 from China.

The five winning companies are Shenzhen YZ Technology Co Ltd, CGN Guangdong Yuming Light Energy Environmental Technology Co Ltd, Guangdong Nowater Dyeing Technology Co Ltd, Anhui GAn exhibition jointly organized by art schools in China and the United States offers audiences an opportunity to consider the role of art education in the modern technological ageemini Electrical Technology Co Ltd, and Ningxia Dingsheng Yangguang Environmental Protection Technology Co Ltd.

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